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Intermediate level

in this lesson ,Ss will learn about the modals of deduction in the context of travelling .Ss will practice listening for gist as well.


Around the World

Intermediate level


TP 6 3Sept13

Pre intermediate level

In this lesson students will speaking exercises based on a listening.


reading lesson

Intermidiate level

in this lesson, students will identify the kind of reading text. They will know about different places in the world and what made them different from other places in the world. The lesson starts with a discussion about the benefits of traveling and asks them if they had traveled before. through the discussion, they will be able to recognize what makes the place special from another one. They will feel as if they are preparing their luggage and about to go on an imaginary trip across the world...


Functional Language- Modals of Deduction

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn the functional language of modals of deduction which present the degree of certainty. SS will begin with short discussion about pictures presented on the WB. then they will listen to a conversation about the same pictures. TL will be presented through model sentences taken from the listening. T will draw a table with the the modals of deduction presenting the degree of certainty and present other phrases that also present the degree of certainty. Ss wi...


Assessed TP 8

Beginner level

In this lesson, students learn about ‘going to’ in affirmative form through an agenda of this weekend. The lesson starts with teacher’s talking about her weekend and getting sts to list their plans for this weekend. Then the structure is written on the WB and teacher gets them to make sentences with the activities written in their list. After an example said by a student is written on the WB, teacher elicits the meaning by CCQs and highlights the form. After that, drilling practice is done wi...


Speaking about places you'd like to visit in the world and places you'd recommend to go on holiday in Turkey.

Upper-intermediate. level

In this lesson sts speak about places they'd like to visit in the world and places they would recommend people to go to on holiday in Turkey.


"Giving Advice" Functional Language. Teaching Practice 2. Session 2/3

Intermediate level

In this section of the lesson, students will review and practice functional language related to “Giving Advice”. Students will first review relevant functional language through discussions and by completing activities, which relate to the listening exercise introduced in the previous lesson. They will also practice their speaking fluency by undertaking a role play activity. This section starts with prompting students’ memory of the listening activity used in the previous session. Student...



Intermediate level

In this lesson students will practise listening in order to learn and review pronunciation in the context of a journey. Students will first be introduced to the topic of the lesson looking at some pictures of some famous places in the world. Students and teachers will have a brief discussion about thses pictures. Then the teacher will show students four photos were taken by Conard who was in his trip and ask them to guess the place where each picture was taken. Then students will listen to a ...


TP6 LP Functional Language Gabriel García Rojas C.

Pre intermediate level

In this lesson students will learn how functional language can be very effective for helping them talk about holidays in the real world. (To practice and revise functional language to talk about holidays).
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