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TP6 (Qestionnaire)

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn how to prepare a questionnaire and report their findings using appropriate functional language. The lesson starts with listening to different people being interviewed about media, and it continues with students' preparing their own questionnaire. Finally, students interview their classmates and give a summary of the results.


Junk food

B1 level

İn this lesson, the students will learn/review vocabulary from page 56 of the text Straightforward Pre-intermediate to discuss junk food vs. healthy food to prepare them to do a gist reading and detailed reading 'Eating the Elvis Presley Way.' They will follow the receptive skill of reading with the productive skill of speakingç



Pre-int level

In this lesson the students will be exposed to quantifiers in the context of making preparations for travel. They will also listen to various recordings in which the TL is also reviewed. Finally the will free practice about a trip that they have made / or will make.


TP5: Speaking

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice speaking, with the aim of incorporating the functional fixed phrases "why don't you..." for making suggestions, and "that's a good idea, but.." for polite refusal, or "That's a great idea!" for acceptance of suggestions. In the lesson, we will cover MFPA, putting the TL into the context of preparing for a speech or other communicative activity for school or work.



A2 (elementary) level level

In this lesson, Ss will be reading and speaking using common prepositions of place. Ss will start off with a warmer involving a number of pre prepared, annotated photographs. The group will be divided into 2 teams and the teams will take turns in receiving a photograph and sticking it in one of 3 columns; On, In or at. A correct placing scores a point, incorrect loses 1 point. Following this exercise, I will be conducting a guided discovery session with a volunteer/s from the class using a ch...



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson ,students will be having a speaking lesson in context of holidays. Students will be asked what factors they consider are important to their holidays as a lead in . Then students will be asked to do a matching game to prepare for TL. This is to guide students find out the meaning of related vocabularies. a whole class feedback is conducted. meaning ,form and pronunciation will be covered. Then students will be asked to do another activity, identifying where the reading extracts ...


Happy Birthday- Life Stages

Intermediate-grade 7-b1 level

In this lesson, the students will mainly learn the skimming and scanning techniques through reading a passage about an old woman who is preparing to celebrate her 110th birthday. The lesson starts with a prediction and is followed by a gist-reading exercise. Next they read for more details to put some important events in her life in order. This is then followed by a semi-controlled practice in which students try to remember what they read first by sharing their ideas with their group and then...


International food, Ordering food in a restaurant

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students learn how to order food in a restaurant . They will be able to tell the waiter how they want their dishes to be prepared. They also will be able to differentiate between a main dish, a side dish and an appetizer. The receptive skill of listening will be followed by some controlled and freer practice to enable students speak about what they have learnt.


Teaching Practice 3

Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss have a speaking activity about sports which is interesting for both Ss who like and do sport, and those that do not. The speaking task is about telling anecdotes. It starts with a lead in on what an anecdote is. This is followed by a preparing to speak task to prepare an opportunity to prepare for the main task. Then, the T works on some useful language necessary for completing the speaking task. This is followed by a speaking task. Finally, the Ss are provided with some fe...



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students are introduced and practice speaking for fluency in the context of talking about holidays. The lesson starts with a lead-in to do with recent holidays. This is followed by Preparation, first off by language prep where students cover Meaning, Form and Pronunciation then Content preparation which involves modelling sentences, eliciting and pairs exercise where the students will use the TL in pairs. Finally, the Ss will do a role play where Students A will play the role ...
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