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Elementary level

In this lesson, Students: 1. study on listening for gist and listening for specific information. 2. learn target vocabulary about topic: Holiday (Places people visited, and some holiday activiries like "go swimming,go camping, go to art gallery. 3. learn which phares used with 'go' and 'go to' For example: go swimming but go to museum 4. study on speaking activity about the topic: holiday


'Be Going To' Future Tense

Elementary level

In this lesson, the learners are going to learn "(be going to)' future tense(S+be going to+Vbase......./S+be not going to+Vbase....../Be+S+going to+Vbase?...?). After they get some knowledge about what they will learn through warmer and listening text,they will find a similarity between the first sentence implemented in lead in and the sentences they listened and filled in the blanks. Later on, MFP is going to take place as the students are trying to understand why they use 'be going to' ; th...


Places . like and do not like

Beginners level

In this lesson students will be introduced to and practice lexis and grammar associated with places ( , super market ,..) concentrating on the grammar of " like and do not like." (e.g. "I like going to the restaurant .I do not like going to the hospital ). In this section of the lesson students will choose their favourite place and identify which facilities and attractions are or aren't in their favourite place. Students will then participate in group work for a speaking activ...


Teaching Practice 3 ( Listening)

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to improve their listening skills in the context of meeting a celebrity. They are going to play a game called "Who am I?" in the beginning. They are going to have pictures on their back and ask other people some questions about this celebrity and guess who is in the picture. In pre-teach part they are going to study lexis including job names and some related vocabulary. After that, they are going to listen to the audio and match the speakers to the stars. An...


Life's ups and downs, Past Simple

Elementary level

In this lesson, students are going to read a text named "Oprah, TV Star and Billionaire" and learn some vocabulary based on it. In the lead-in stage, the students are going to watch a video titled "Oprah Winfrey 2011 Bloopers Blunders And Funniest Moments" to generate interest and introduce a context for the reading. Later on, I'm going to pre-teach vocabulary, matching pictures and teaching in order to reduce barriers to understanding the text. After that, the students are going to look at ...


Let s go by tuk-tuk,

Beginner level

In this lesson, students will match words with their pictures. They are going to learn 4 words for the reading pessage. Then they will guess the things 4 people in the classroom are going to do or did. Then, hey have to look at a photo and think what the passage is going to be about. They are going to read the passage and see if their guesses were right. They read the text again and complete the table with the correct dates, places and numbers. Afterwards they are supposed to write something ...


Donia, Teaching Practice 8

Elementary (a1) level

In this lesson, students are going to learn about "be going to" for future plans. The lesson starts with a task which they have to remember what was people's new year's resolution from the previous lesson. Then, they get the listening's transcript and they have to find all of the sentences with "be going to". They check their answers in pairs and the teacher gets feedback. The students get a handout which they have to complete some rules and a table about "be going to" by looking at the sente...


Teaching practice 2b

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson the students are going to practice receptive skills (listening).The unfamiliar vocabulary will be provided. The students will listen to 4 people talk about mysterious experiences they had. First they are going to listen for gist,than they are going to listen for details. After listening the students are going to answer the questions. After the listening part we are going to practice use of fillers and repetition in speaking. The students are going to complite Language Focus ex,...


Folktales and Storytelling

Intermediate level

Ss are going to read a Korean folktale after some vocabulary is given. They are going to be asked to choose choose the best title and find specific informations in the text. Afterwards, the gist is going to be discussed. With the help of the given text, they are going to see the function of linking words. As the last exercise of the lesson, T is going to give each desk 2 sets of pictures including 6 pieces and ask Ss to put these pictures in order to create a meaningful story and then discuss.


Lesson Plan 2: Going Solo

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will be practicing their reading and listening skills. The lesson will be taught in the context of Matt McKay, the lead singer of the band Ozone, and his decision to go solo, The intro will have students discuss well known bands here in Turkey. Part 2 is a reading exercise where I will go over the questions beforehand. Part 3 is a listening exercise where students will answer a set of questions after. Part 4 of the lesson has students matching verbs to phrases. Part 5 ...
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