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TP* // Writing Lesson: Informal Email

Upper intermediate level

Students will write an informal email to a friend inviting them to come to visit their hometown/country.


Writing Skills - Informal E-mails

Intermediate level

In this lesson, ss will be exposed to a reading text, do both gist and detailed reading on an informal email, and then after a couple of activities, compose one on their own through T's guidance.


TP 7 Writing

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn the structure of an email for complaint. They are going to learn phrases to express the reason, describe the incident, request action and close the mail.


Writing (TP7)

Elementary level


Asmaa Samir Tp :6

Intermediate level

In this lesson the students will know the difference between the informal and formal e_mail .They will write informal e-mail .


Come to the wedding

A1 elementary level

In this lesson, the students will work on productive skill - writing. They will practice writing an email using the verb collocations. They will also practice their reading skill, as they will read an email from me


sending and replying to invitations by email

Intermediate level

SS will get introduced to the context of sending and receiving invitations,through an activity where they have to guess some events that elicit the word invitation . As a controlled practise, ss will match some invitations to their replies. In this activity, ss will review the language used in writing invitations via emails. Then, each pair of ss choose an email and write an invitation for it. Later, T takes the written emails from ss, distribute them among the class and ask them to write re...



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson Ss learn about writing informal and semi-formal e-mail


Teacher Practice 1

Elementary level

In this lesson students will be able to comprehend dialogues about everyday life.They will listen two dialogues and complete the missing parts of the dialoges. They will also learn how to tell an email adress or a website adress correctly. They will follow this up with a short dictation and speaking on how to say and write email or website adresses.
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