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Beginner level

In this lesson, Ss will practice some of the language points that they have learnt such as <b>simple</b> present, present continuous, <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> tense and modal verb 'must'. First, they will have the beginning of a story of a couple. They will look at the text for 1 minute which is reflected on the board and after that they will be given a questions H/O. Ss will make the questions individually, check in pairs and they will be sorted into two groups. One person from each group w...



Beginner level

In this lesson the SS will learn how to retrieve and give personal information such as their first name, surname, marital status, address, profession, phone number and email address. They will develop their receptive skills by listening for specific information in a conversation between an employment agent and a candidate. They will then work on improving their productive skills with a role play interview in PW.


Writing an E-Mail

B2 level

In this lesson, students will learn how to write an E-Mail. At the beginning of the lesson, students will start reading and answering a questionnaire, then Students will learn some new words to write an E-Mail at the end I will get their feedback.


writing demo

Intermediate level



Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss are provided with extended writing practice in the context of an informal email to a friend. As the subsidiary aim, however, they are provided with the opportunity to read through and analyze the structure of an informal email. The lesson starts with reading to provide a sample of an informal email between two friends; Daniel and Emily. This is followed by a writing skills section to give students a chance to develop their writing through various different micro skills. Fin...



Intermediate level


TP6 Demo 7 Aug 2020

Nce upper intermediate level



Intermediate level

in this lesson, students learn how to email an old friend.


Lesson Plan 2 Practice in writing letters and emails to Friends to keep in touch

Up1 level

This lesson from the workbook maintains the general theme of the Unit - Alive and well - but moves to a more personalized task. The reading stage provides the model text that he Ss can use for their writing.


Anna Carrera TP6

Upper intermediate level

A lesson focused on writing in the context of an email invitation to a friend.
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