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Around the world / listening - speaking

Intermediate b2 level

In this lesson, students learn about how can they design a tour through an audio about someone is going to Australia and he is asking about the recommended places to visit. The lesson starts with a discussion about how to prepare yourself to make a tour? And what the places you have to visit through your tour? This is followed by a listening where students listen to related audio about someone going to Australia. Finally, there is some practice through listen then complete and a speaking task.


Skills: Listening, Vocabulary: Time Phrases

A1 level

In this lesson, students will review talking about their daily routines using the present <b>simple</b> and the correct time phrases. Students would practise the usage and pronunciation of theses time phrases in pairs and in groups for extra reinforcement. They would then practice listening to a daily routine for another person as a lead-in (preparation) for the coming lesson, which is about asking questions using the <b>simple</b> present form, and later on this week, they will be introduced...


Describe Objects you don't know

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about describing objects that they don't know through guided discovery based on a listening. The lesson starts with a matching the conversations to the objects in the pictures. In the next stage they discuss the similarities and differences between the objects. They find the distinctions between describing something vaguely, categorization and comparison with the help of matching exercise. Finally they have time choose something to describe and to prepare what t...


Joseph Scott, TP 8.

Elementary. level

In this lesson students will clarify and review vocabulary related to work/jobs. T will elicit TL with visual aids, clarify form before having Ss use the TL practically for the first time. Two listening tasks will then test Ss comprehension of the TL and its wider context, preparing them to produce their own statements and sentences using the TL in a personalised context.


Fluency Focus

Intermediate level

In this lesson the learners will be exposed to some fluency activities through the describing a leader and a similar podcast from British Council. I hope to achieve this through a TBL lesson. The lesson starts with a lead-in by which I try to remind the learners of what they had studied earlier to be able to link what they have already learned to the lesson they will be exposed to. This could further trigger the "experience" factor. The lesson will go ahead with a pre-task of putting a slash...


TP 6 Life Events

Elementary level

Students, during earlier stages in this lesson, will learn some verb collocations related to life events. The skills focus will be on a reading text about the life of Nelson Mandela in which students during a pre-reading stage will brainstorm ideas about Mandela and later during a while-reading stage, practice reading for specific information (dates and numbers related to Nelson Mandela) followed by reading for details as they will put the life events related to Mandela’s life into the correc...


Lesson: Social Networking Stories

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students are first asked to think about social media and answer questions about their personal preferences related to the subject. Then they are divided into two groups and given two separate jigsaw readings where they are to match their news stories with the correct headlines. After that, they'll answer a set of comprehension questions on the text which will simultaneously prepare them to talk about their story. They will practice retelling their story within their group and ...


Teaching Practice 4b

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about reflexive verbs through guided discovery based on a reading text about human genes. The clarification stage will give students practice scan reading; they will develop their vocabulary; and they will practice speaking for fluency in the final planned activity. The lesson starts with miming: students identify a number of actions that can be expressed using reflexive verbs. This is followed by a guided discovery clarification stage, where students answer a n...


Promoting a Charity Activity

Upper intermediate level

This is an activity focused lesson, in which students are placed into 4 groups and assigned a charity. Each group will act as representatives of the charity, and prepare a presentation for the class on reasons to support their agency.


Talk about places you visited, simple past tense

Beginners a1i level

In this lesson, the students will talk about the places they have visited.This is followed by a listening activity.The students will have a listening about a trip to London of Alejandro. They will have to do a task where they have to prepare a holiday. The students will talk about it and they will describe their holiday to the rest of the students. Then, the students will choose the best holiday among the described holidays.
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