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Upper int. b2 module 7 level

In this lesson Ss will learn to describe memorable evens through listening and using useful language in their speaking. The class starts with some signs on the board and T will perform pantomime in order to elicit the topic. Related pictures will be shown by projector in order to review some Voc( pre listening ). In listening part Ss are provided with some Pre ( Voc and some Qs T to WC) , while (unscramble sentences ) and post listening ( prepare a brief summary ) activities. After listeni...


Jokes about restaurants - Listening Lesson (TP8)

Beginner - a1 level

In this lesson, the students will be listening for the gist and intensively/for detailed information. Prior to that, they will discuss the jokes/the photos and be introduced to some vocabulary in order to prepare. Finally, they will do a gap-fill text and practise speaking for accuracy while role-playing as waiters/customers in order to give them practise telling jokes.



Beginner (a1) level

In this lesson, students will learn about, vocabulary related basic food and drink items via presentation and vocabulary practice. The lesson starts with showing the students a couple of food and drink pictures on the white board. This is followed by a choral form to work on the vocabulary and pronunciation followed by an individual matching practice in the form of a white board game .Then the sentence frames are introduced followed by a pair work. Finally a full class mingle is prepared via ...


week 1 have and has got

Elementary level

In this lesson, students enrich their knowledge on the use of "have / has got" in the positive and negative to describe personal possessions. Students follow up on the previously provided text for better understanding of its different forms. Prepared exercises and practices for the learners enable them to constantly check on the proper use of "have/ has got". Students form groups and deal with their peers as they work on the use of the new concepts learned.


Eliana (1st class)

Elementary, assessing level

Review basic concepts of <b>Simple</b> Present and Present Continuous.


Speaking Lesson

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will have a chance to practice on giving a presentation about a new magazine release. The lesson will start with a little conversation about students' interests about magazines. (What kind of magazine they'd like to read etc) Following this conversation, the students will watch a very short video about a presentation which was given by Tim Cook about new Apple watch. After eliciting some useful language from the video (and some from outside of the video) the students ...


Careers Past Simple

Pre intermediate level

In this lesson, the students further their practice of the <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> via a listening task about careers. The lesson starts with a presentation of a fictional character. Students are required to put his working life into sequential order by date prompts. This is followed by a discussion of jobs and careers and a short drilling of new vocabulary pertinent to the topic. This is designed to prepare the class for the listening section. A True/False activity checks their comprehensi...


Present Continuous Tense - Affirmative and Negative

Beginner level

In this lesson, Ss will learn to talk about the current time period in the context of holiday. It is going to be a little related to the previous day's TPs which were also about holidays but in the <b>past</b>. There will be pictures of Liz on holiday. T will model the target language through these pictures. Then, there will be a H/O of two model sentences for Ss to answer meaning questions and figure out the form, which is followed by drilling the pronunciation. Then there will be the contro...


work, places

Beginners, a1 level

In this lesson, Ss can learn about different jobs and workplaces. they are also supposed to learn different forms of collocations by focusing more on prepositions. Teachers can do it by enlarging the pictures and introducing themselves by telling about their job and the place where they work. Ss also can learn it by matching the pictures or working in groups in order to use the words accurately and fluently. To add extra information about jobs Ss can be put in a conference game ( preparing...


Reading and Speaking (Question Formation)

Intermediate level b2 level

In this lesson, students learn about coincidences through reading texts about American presidents. The lesson will start with a discussion on coincidences, followed by a reading on the texts provided. They are then asked to prepare questions based on the reading, which will follow a speaking activity. They will also be asked to find coincidences between themselves with a final speaking activity at the end.
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