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Celebrity Heros

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, SS are going to be asked to scan the paragraphs given to them, and to find out a best title that describes the paragraph. Also, they are going to match the underlined words in the texts to the given definitions. SS are going to discuss in pars their celebrity then they will ask each other questions about their celebrity. The SS will be given HO contains vocabularies from the lesson. Lastly, they are going to play adjective game.



Elementary level

In this lesson, students will learn about free time activities


That's A Good Idea, Vocabulary / Business

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to learn some vocabulary related to the topic "business" and read a text named The Apprentice which is a reality game show displaying 30 contestants from around the United Kingdom competing for a job of the most difficult boss of the country. Before reading the text, I'm going to show another reality game show named "The Biggest Loser". After the video, the students are going to learn and practice some important words in the text as the pre-teaching stage. A...


Collocations have, go & get Lesson

A+1 (elementary). level

In this lesson, students learn collocations with the verbs have, go and get. First they look at common collocations with these three words that are often used in describing daily routines. Then,There we will be a focus on the difference between very similar sounding collocations. Afterwards the students listen to and practice pronunciation. Finally, the students will practice speaking activities using have, go, and get.


Going out - lead in

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will know about listening for gist(main idea)and listening for specific information .First of all,I am going to prepare students to get the concept across .I am going to show them three pictures of famous people I would like to meet ."I would like to go on a date with ....... .ask them about their favourite character to raise their interest in the topic .Second,pre teaching for vocabulary used for the task.I will check instructions and let them listen to tap .sts w...


Teaching Practice-4

A1 - beginner level

In this lesson I am going to start to review the previous lessons. The students will ask a question starting with Do you.... by mingling and reporting back the answers using S/he goes..... Then, I am going to check Time Expressions by eliciting as Vocabulary and get ss to match with the correct prepositions. After that I am going to present <b>Simple</b> Present with Adverbs of Frequency. Especially I am going to try to highlight ss where the adverb goes in the sentence and elicit a couple ...


Future Tenses - Predictions

Intermediate (b1) level

In this lesson, students will learn the difference between "will" and "going to" in the function of "prediction" The class will start with an quick guessing argument on a picture. With this stage, students will meet the word "prediction". I will test their previous knowledge about future tense and clarify the prediction meaning of will and be going to. After a controlled gap-filling practice, students will have and opportunity to improve their fluency in the future tense by productive (speaki...


Teaching practice 7

Elementary level

The students will start the lesson with a warmer. The warmer will be a board rush during which both teams will have to write all the adjectives they know. After the board rush, the students are going to discuss in pairs about the four people of the four pictures. The adjectives written on the board will serve as scaffolding for the students during this short speaking activity. After the lead-in, I am not going to provide feedback and not tell the students who these people are. Instead of te...


Travel, will and be going to

Intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about will and be going to through guided discovery by asking concept check questions based on listening to an audio about traveĊŸ. The lesson starts with discussion about being globetrotter. This is followed by listen and then speaking activity where students practice speaking by using will and to be going to with controlled-way.


Speaking Lesson

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to be introduced to some adverbs (Definitely, probably, likely and unlikely) used to talk about the future, especially when making predictions. They are going to practice these words through the exercise 2e. Then, they will be given an exercise in which they are going to choose the correct tense between the future perfect or the future continuous. Finally, they will have an oral activity in which they are going to discuss and talk about some future predicti...
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