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Teaching practice 7

Elementary level

The students will start the lesson with a warmer. The warmer will be a board rush during which both teams will have to write all the adjectives they know. After the board rush, the students are going to discuss in pairs about the four people of the four pictures. The adjectives written on the board will serve as scaffolding for the students during this short speaking activity. After the lead-in, I am not going to provide feedback and not tell the students who these people are. Instead of te...


TP 7

Pre-intermediate b1 level

In this lesson, Ss are going to work on their writing skills. To begin with, Ss are going to be presented quite a lot of essential adjectives. Then, Ss are going to read the model text carefully and fill its gaps. The T will present the layout and the organisation of the text. Last but not least, Ss are going to be asked to write about their hometowns. Finally, Ss are asked to swap their sheets in order to correct each other.


Going out Lesson,Reading Lesson

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will have practiced reading in the context of going out, they will learn how to use some verbs to express the action they are doing, also they will practice speaking activities.


Hamed plan 1

Beginner, a1 level

In this current lesson,the students are mainly requested to go through the reading and respond some general questions as soon as they have read it.Additionally, the pupils are going to learn some new and unfamiliar vocabularies(adjectives) through the brief reading section and consequently they are also going to answer a few questions on the basis of the words that they have acquired.Ultimately, they are going to be capable of utilizing them as the L2.


Expressing probability lesson

Intermediate level

In this lesson students will learn how to speculate about the future with the help of some clarification and exercises. It starts with a lead-in to help Ss to understand what they will learn through the lesson. Then there is going to be a test to check their prior knowledge about the target language. After the first test, there is going to a teach section to clarify the meaning,form and pronunciation of the target language. Then there is going to be a second test to check what they've learned...


TP 8 - be going to (Future Plans)

Elementary level

In this lesson, Ss will be learn about future time expressions; the TL is be going to (plans), and they will be introduced to this grammar in the context of CouchSurfing. First, Ss will listen to an audio file to learn about CouchSurfing; the second short listening will serve as an introduction to the TL, and prepare Ss for controlled practice. Then, Ss will listen and complete a fill in the gaps HO, (and possibly a more difficult fill in the gaps HO afterward). Next, to check Ss understandin...


No More Exam!(going to yes/no questions)

A2 level

This lesson continues with the same context as the previous lesson about future plan with 'going to', though the lesson becomes more personalized at the end. It extends work on the grammar covered in the last two lesson and provides controlled and freer practice. The listening provides source for the grammar focus.


Hala Gamal 4/8/1987

Pre_intermediate level

In this lesson students are going to study a grammar lesson about will and won't, the lesson will start with discussion about what are they going to do after the class today, then i will show them a video and ask them to guess what will happen in each situation and let them discover that their predictions are in the future so we used will to explain something will happen, then i will ask them to start gist reading to the text then say in which tense this text in then i will ask them to read ...


Teaching Vocabulary

B1 level

This session the students are going to learn some frequently used vocabularies of groceries and other things,along with their quantifiers. They will also work on their pronunare used together ciations when they are used together and linked.


TP7 - Grammar (Future Tense)

Upper intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson students will review and practice grammar of the tense forms going to, will, present continuous and present <b>simple</b> in the context of making plans and decisions in the future. The lesson will use the discovery approach to teaching grammar and the topic is about making plans to go see a football match. Students will distinguish between different forms of the future tense and their use and they will practice through speaking tasks.
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