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That's A Good Idea, Vocabulary / Business

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to learn some vocabulary related to the topic "business" and read a text named The Apprentice which is a reality game show displaying 30 contestants from around the United Kingdom competing for a job of the most difficult boss of the country. Before reading the text, I'm going to show another reality game show named "The Biggest Loser". After the video, the students are going to learn and practice some important words in the text as the pre-teaching stage. A...


Teaching Practice 1b

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson students will practice the use of impersonal passives( distancing ). They are going to talk about magical places they have been to or know of. The new vocabulary on that topic will be provided.They will work in pairs. After that they are going to practice writing skills, They will plan and write a text about a place with magical powers using new grammar and vocabulary. They are going to swap paper for peer error correction.I'm going to put their writing on the walls and after ...


Teaching practice 7

Elementary level

The students will start the lesson with a warmer. The warmer will be a board rush during which both teams will have to write all the adjectives they know. After the board rush, the students are going to discuss in pairs about the four people of the four pictures. The adjectives written on the board will serve as scaffolding for the students during this short speaking activity. After the lead-in, I am not going to provide feedback and not tell the students who these people are. Instead of te...


Teaching Vocabulary

B1 level

This session the students are going to learn some frequently used vocabularies of groceries and other things,along with their quantifiers. They will also work on their pronunare used together ciations when they are used together and linked.



Intermediate level

This is a reading lesson . It is a receptive one in which Sts read about three different activities people practice them in their free time: going for pizza, going dancing and going for Karaoke. Ss are going to end the lesson by a speaking activity about their popular local activities, favourite food and the effect of international influence on their country.


Celebrity Heros

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, SS are going to be asked to scan the paragraphs given to them, and to find out a best title that describes the paragraph. Also, they are going to match the underlined words in the texts to the given definitions. SS are going to discuss in pars their celebrity then they will ask each other questions about their celebrity. The SS will be given HO contains vocabularies from the lesson. Lastly, they are going to play adjective game.


TP8 Grammar (going to)

Beginner level

In this lesson, students will be exposed to and practice using "going to" for talking about future plans. Through a reading activity, students will be exposed to the grammar and discover meaning through the text, then will practice producing the language themselves. Students will also practice their speaking skills as they produce the new grammar in controlled and semi-controlled activities.


Twitter Account

Intermediate level

In this lesson SS are going to read a text about a man who was ready to give twitter accounts he already had to Canadian,Brazilian, and Spanish governments. SS are going do group work to better understand the text. SS are also going to practice speaking and some writing skills. (SS are going to be given different parts of the text and report it to other groups).


TP2 / Teaching Grammar (Future will vs going to)

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss are going to be presented with new grammar "wil" contrasted with "going to" and learn the meaning of these structures through the context of the previous lesson. Ss will predict the difference in the usage of these structures and then practice the form and pronunciation. They will follow this activity with speaking and develop their writing skills related to the topic of the lesson.


The internet

Beginners level

In this lesson , students are going to learn about the internet words and websites and why do people use the internet , They are going to answer a questionnaire about what do people usually do online . After that they are going to listen to an interview with Alice to learn what does she use the internet for . At the end , students are going to practice speaking while asking about their partners' purpose of using the internet
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