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TP2 - Lexis

Pre-intermediate level

To introduce and practice collocations about daily routines.


Teaching Practice 8

Elementary level

In this lesson, students are going to learn about how to use was/ were in sentences. They are going to start with a leading of my ten years challenge and talk about it. Then they are going to read a short text to see some example sentences. After clarification stage, they are going to do controlled, semi-controlled and freer practice activities.


Grammar | Present Continuous/be going to for future; Vocabulary | time out; How to | talk about plans

Pre-intermediate b1 level

In this lesson, SS learn about present continuous/be going to through the guided discovery based on the calendar notes. The lesson starts with a discussion about Time Out, then SS do matching game. This is followed by pair work, where SS look at the photos and discuss. Finally, they learn about present continuous/ be going to for future and do dome exercises.


Vaniya's observation

Sm2 level

Review of verbs: fly, swim, read, jump, run, sing Identify people and review collocations: ride a bike play badminton play guitar take photos play tennis sing draws pictures go fishing ride horses go swimming


Writing A Postcard

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will be engaged in writing a postcard through the target language. Firstly, a video which is about a bad weather condition is going to be shown and then vocabulary related to the weather is going to be pretaught. These stages are going to take the lesson to the writing stage which is the main aim. Students are going to see a model of a postcard and write their own postcards in the end of the lesson.



Intermediate level

This is a reading lesson . It is a receptive one in which Sts read about three different activities people practice them in their free time: going for pizza, going dancing and going for Karaoke. Ss are going to end the lesson by a speaking activity about their popular local activities, favourite food and the effect of international influence on their country.



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to talk about schools. In the beginning, T is going to give a break to students to talk about schools with their peers. After this they will have 2 controlled exercises also about schools and the Ss are going to listen to a record that talks about schools in UK and USA. Finally, Ss are going to talk about their previous experiences in schools.


TP 8 - be going to (Future Plans)

Elementary level

In this lesson, Ss will be learn about future time expressions; the TL is be going to (plans), and they will be introduced to this grammar in the context of CouchSurfing. First, Ss will listen to an audio file to learn about CouchSurfing; the second short listening will serve as an introduction to the TL, and prepare Ss for controlled practice. Then, Ss will listen and complete a fill in the gaps HO, (and possibly a more difficult fill in the gaps HO afterward). Next, to check Ss understandin...


Nihan Kywall. Plans and Dreams.

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about 'going to' through guided listening about passengers plans and dreams at the airport. The lesson starts with a warm up activity. Before we do the listening activity learners will focus on the words that they might not know. The students are going to find out about the words with the correct definitions. Then the teacher will introduce them the meaning and form of going to. Then students will practice the new grammar with some exercises. Finally the student...


Future Tenses - Predictions

Intermediate (b1) level

In this lesson, students will learn the difference between "will" and "going to" in the function of "prediction" The class will start with an quick guessing argument on a picture. With this stage, students will meet the word "prediction". I will test their previous knowledge about future tense and clarify the prediction meaning of will and be going to. After a controlled gap-filling practice, students will have and opportunity to improve their fluency in the future tense by productive (speaki...
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