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Travel, will and be going to

Intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about will and be going to through guided discovery by asking concept check questions based on listening to an audio about traveş. The lesson starts with discussion about being globetrotter. This is followed by listen and then speaking activity where students practice speaking by using will and to be going to with controlled-way.


Going out Lesson,Reading Lesson

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will have practiced reading in the context of going out, they will learn how to use some verbs to express the action they are doing, also they will practice speaking activities.


Question tags

Intermediate level

This lesson is devoted to "question tags" mainly through guided discovery. The first 5 minutes could be as test teach test approach in which sts will be asked to write some questions and their answers will be written on the board for clarification. Later on, the guided discovery process is going to take place as the students are going the read the rules of the grammar and decide how the form is used. Then, the teacher is going to emphasize the importance of intonation while using "question ta...


TP 4b

Intermediate level

In this lesson, SS are going to learn and practice new vocabulary (you're looking well,you haven't changed a bit, you were going to, that didn't work out, the last time I saw you, did you ever, I remember you..) in the context of catching up. SS will be shown pictures to set lesson context and will be given questions from ex.1to discuss in order to create ss interest for listening. They will do listening for main idea and for details and practice fluency speaking in the context of catching up.


No More Exam!(going to yes/no questions)

A2 level

This lesson continues with the same context as the previous lesson about future plan with 'going to', though the lesson becomes more personalized at the end. It extends work on the grammar covered in the last two lesson and provides controlled and freer practice. The listening provides source for the grammar focus.


On The Go

Kindergarten - orange level

In this lesson, students will finish reading "I Go With My Family to Grandma's." We will look at different modes of transport used to go to grandma's house and use learned language from previous lessons to discuss how students go to their own grandparents' homes. We will also spend some time learning about members in a family.


TP# 8

Intermediate level

In this lesson, ss are going to learn some new vocabulary related to food, cities and people. At the beginning, they are going to discuss adjectives in by watching a video and describe many things. During the lesson, ss are going to practice the new vocabulary throughout many tasks, such as, listening to a conversation using adjectives. At the end, ss are going to listen to a recording talking about healthy food and junk food and then ss will have the chance to debate about this topic.


Going out - lead in

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will know about listening for gist(main idea)and listening for specific information .First of all,I am going to prepare students to get the concept across .I am going to show them three pictures of famous people I would like to meet ."I would like to go on a date with ....... .ask them about their favourite character to raise their interest in the topic .Second,pre teaching for vocabulary used for the task.I will check instructions and let them listen to tap .sts w...


TP 4

B2 level

This lesson is focused on listening skills. I am going to have some reviewing and examples about the word ‘obsession’ which they’ve been working on it during their <b>past</b> classes and works on speaking skills, and then I will work on some new vocabularies in the context of listening. This will lead them into the meaning, form, pronunciation of the new words and usage of them in daily speaking. In the end I’m going to have more free practice on the topic in the context of speaking.


Teaching Practice-4

A1 - beginner level

In this lesson I am going to start to review the previous lessons. The students will ask a question starting with Do you.... by mingling and reporting back the answers using S/he goes..... Then, I am going to check Time Expressions by eliciting as Vocabulary and get ss to match with the correct prepositions. After that I am going to present <b>Simple</b> Present with Adverbs of Frequency. Especially I am going to try to highlight ss where the adverb goes in the sentence and elicit a couple ...
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