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Lower int level

Materials: Your own sample Aims: To introduce and provide practice of writing a (short) email telling your family what these days (lockdown) are like. Procedure Lead in – have a lead in based on the topic Text analysis – Show Ss your own example of the email, then: a)help Ss identify the different sections (parts) of the email and b)the language that is part of it (ask them to identify if language is formal or informal) Writing their own email 4. Feedback – Provide Ss with an...


writting lesson

A1 level

In this lesson, students will learn how and when to use contractions and how to write an email to a friend about a suitable job for him. The lesson starts with a review on some Lexis related to jobs. This is followed by a task to make sure that they fully understand the jobs and what it does. After that, students are going to move to the critical thinking part in which they are prepared to write the target email at the end of the session. During the preparation process students are going to ...


TP7 LP * Writing * Rosario Enríquez

Pre-intermediate level


TP6: Writing

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students practice writing fluency through a practice exercise of writing an email to a family member relating their current situation with respect to the Covid-19 shelter-in-place procedures and recommendations. Students will first examine a model text, then we will cover the concepts of greeting, body, closing, and signature. After doing discovery activities for M, A and F for selected and alternate phrases, students will practice writing, then peer-check, then finally OCFB


Explore Writing

Pre-intermediate - b1 level

In this lesson students will learn about writing an email or note of apology based on 2 emails (reading activity) that are included in the handout from "Inside Out as samples. They will also learn how to distinguish and write different parts of a letter of apology which - at this stage - consists of apologies, excuses and good wishes. The tasks included in the book are very complicated and they require extra effort both on the learners' side and the teacher's.


TP 7 Writing

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about writing a formal email of complaint about a product. Students begin by discussing times they have been disappointed by something they purchased. They then read and gather information from a sample email of complaint. After that, the MFP of important language for the task is clarified through guided discovery. Students then brainstorm their own ideas and write their own email of complaint. Students read and peer check each others emails and participate in la...


TP7: Writing - Informal Emails: Giving News

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson students will explore writing informal emails in the context of getting in touch and giving news to someone they have not kept in contact with. The lesson will begin with a lead-in where students will discuss topics and news that they would give to a friend or family member they have not talked with in a long time (over a year). Students will then explore an informal email as a model text where they will examine the structure of an informal email. Additionally students will exa...



B2 level



B1 level

By the end of this lesson the student will be able to identify the different sections of an email. They will also be able to write an email where they will make arrangements.


Travel and Tourism-Talking about holidays (travel) Writing 1

Ig2 level

The students will be able to judge the tone and register for different purposes, make appropriate vocabulary choices, structure work in coherent paragraphs and use a variety of grammatical structures and tenses when writing an email or a blog entry about a travelling experience or adventure.
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