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'Compassion Campaign', Reading for Fluency and Vocabulary

Intermediate level, grade 5 level

In this lesson students will learn some vocabulary based on a reading story about news reporting from different places. The lesson starts with a discussion about news reports around the world. This will be followed by pre-teaching the story vocabulary. Students then listen and read the story with reports, likewise ones discussed. Then, students are divided into two groups, given the story roles to prepare to read and play. Finally, there is a semi-controlled practice where the 2 groups of stu...



Advanced level

This lesson focuses on listening and speaking. The listening is about globalization, what people think about it and each speaker refers to an aspect of day to day life to express his/her views on the topic. In the pre-listening activity I will ask them questions related to how globalization and English language are related, if they are. Then, students will listen to an interview with a linguist about the English language and globalization. While listening, they will do some exercises. The pur...


Writing Lesson on Holidays/Tourism

Beginner level

In this lesson, students practice writing about their favourite place in Turkey in the context of tourist information. There is some reading tasks to prepare Ss for writing structure and style before the practice.


Teaching Practice 4

Preintermediate level

In this session, the students will be taught the target language and they practice the usage of this grammar point through controlled, semi - controlled and freer practice. At the end of lesson, a productive skill of speaking will be practiced.


TP5 Spelling rules for the third person singular of simple present tense

Beginner. level

In this lesson, T will elicit four spelling rules for the third person singular of <b>simple</b> present tense in a positive sentence. The sts will write their sentences according to their personal life. T will give the sts three reading texts related to four people (Keith, Tom and Christine, Charri) and six sentences about these four people. The sts will read these six sentences and the text.The sts will find out that which sentence blongs to which person or people. T will give 10 ...


Speaking Lesson

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice a free-speaking acivity to promote fluency. Students roleplay being a young married couple who need to try and solve some very typical problems and differences of opinion that have arisen. Firstly, students will brainstorm on what kind of problems married couples have.This is followd by eliciting the functional language. Then the teacher will divide the classroom into two groups: husbands and wives. Students get their role cards and read it. The teacher ...


Analyze an Issue - GRE

Cefr c1 level

In this lesson, we are going to cover the first session to Analyze an Issue task of the GRE. The class starts with a topic and moves through the steps one needs to take in order to successfully write a critical essay on an issue.


Grammar: Adverb Modifier: 'quite'

Upper intermediate b2 level

In this lesson, Ss will be introduced to the adverb 'quite' in the context of money and lottery. This will be a follow up to the text-based language presentation in the previous lesson. Using the guided discovery approach, Ss will work out the meaning of the adverb modifier 'quite' using contextual clues found in the text. In the next stage, Ss will be doing a controlled practice in which they identify the correct use of 'quite' in different sentences. They will then move on to a freer speak...


It's my favourite

Starters level

In this lesson, Sts do the practise of listening and they wil talk about their favourite clothes.



Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson SS will keep focusing on power and money thanks to a more specific context related to lottery. Still using a text analyzed in the previous slot, SS will use some sentences as markers to understand the usage of the adverb "quite" which is changing its meaning according to the nature of the following word. They will have a guided discovery session and they will then practice the TL with some semi-controlled and freerer speaking and writing exercises. At the end of the lesson, as ...
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