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Intermediate level

in this lesson, students learn how to email an old friend.


Lesson Plan 2 Practice in writing letters and emails to Friends to keep in touch

Up1 level

This lesson from the workbook maintains the general theme of the Unit - Alive and well - but moves to a more personalized task. The reading stage provides the model text that he Ss can use for their writing.


Informal Letter Writing

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will learn how to write informal letters. They will get familiar with some useful expressions needed for writing an informal letter. By learning the stages of writing a letter, students will be able to create their own emails.


TP 8

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson students will have the opportunity to work on their skill of writing and will learn new and review vocabulary. Students will practice both formal and informal writing skills.


TP 8 - Writing

Elementary level

In this lesson, Ss will write a job application letter. They read an advert for a tourist guide first as an exposure. Then, T focuses on the useful language. After that, Ss write the formal email.



Elementary level

This class is to clarify the grammar of infinitives in relation to ambitions and to some extent advice. The lesson will begin with visuals to set the context and move on to gap fill and pair work activities. There will also be some game like elements to practice the form of the grammar and to focus on the sub aim we shall do a writing task in the free practice to get to grips with the grammar.


Practise using be going to in the context of planning a holiday in the future.

Elementary level

In this lesson, ss will read a travel blog, learn and practice using verbs in the context of holiday. They will finally learn practical use of various common aspects of formal vs informal written register in English, in the context of writing a formal email/letter, and give practice in using these forms in writing, in a formal and functional context.


TP3 (Informal Email)

Elementary, english file level

This lesson changes the context from the previous lessons, but gives ss the opportunity to practice the TL from previous lessons in the productive skill of writing.


Life's beach

Upper- intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson, SS will be engaged in R focused in the comprehension of an online magazine article about the top three beaches in the world. In the beginning of the lesson, SS will get the context from pictures showed in the OHP and from a short listening. As a pre-reading they write ideas about the topic as a brainstorm. This is followed by a receptive sub-skill development work of skimming for an overall idea. And in a second part, scanning for specific information related to the article in...


Question forms

Intermediate level

In this session students revise question forms in the context of talking about their family in the present and <b>past</b>. They also practice writing formal and informal emails.
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