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Model Verb Would

Intermediate b1 level

In this leson students learn model verb Would. The Ss give an opinion about hypothetical future situations, ask for and offer advice or suggestions, with like, love, prefer, etc to express preferences using the questionnaire the T has prepared before the lesson to teach the model verb would in a context.


TP 8 My Utopia

Elementary a1/a2 level

This lesson starts with some pictures and some vocabulary in the context of '' My Utopia''. The TL for this lesson comes from Ss' own vocabulary, discussion part of the exposure stage, Alona and Maher's lessons. The students will communicate with each other to present a perfect society for themselves. In the subsidiary aim of the lesson which is lexis, the students will be prepared for the productive skill (communicative speaking practice)


TP4 Getting from A to B

Elmentary a1 - a2 level

In this lesson, SS will practice scanning and skimming reading text for various situations and types of transportation throughout a city. Using both questions of ability and the positive/negative of the TL can/can't.


Weekend Break - Speaking about hotels and hotel facilities

Pre-intermediate b-1 level

In this lesson, the students will learn/review vocbualary from the fırst 4 exercises on p.48 of the text Straightforward Pre-intermediate to discuss hotels and hotel facililities to prepare them to do the listenting activity on the 2nd half of the page (to be done by Emine) about a Weekend Break


Elementary practical english 18 hr adult course - lesson 1 introduction

A1 - elementary level

This lesson will be an introduction to the course testing students level of english with a basic grammar review. The students will get to know each other by introducing themselves .


Samira A /05/08/2015/ TP 1b

Beginner level

As a lesson is a follow on from the previous lesson, students will repeat some vocabulary relevant to jobs, nationalities and the grammar strusture of "to be" forms. They will do a number of exercises prepared specifically to practice "to be" both in a written and spoken format.



Intermediate level

In this lesson Ss will read an extract from an article about e-mails .Then they will listen to a conversation between two men discussing the outcome of banning intranet in company offices .The Ss will follow this up with a discussion to prepare for a debate on this subject.


Teaching pratice 2

Elementary level

In this lesson, students learn how to describe people using the adjectives previously aknowledged. The teacher sets two contexts (a phone conversation and the arrival gate of an airport) in order to introduce the next listening for gist and detailed listening tasks. This will prepare the students to focus on a functional language activity guided by the teacher in a drama. In this way SS know how to make questions and give answers to describe someone. Afterwards SS will be gathered in groups i...


Future Living

A2 level

In this lesson, students will activate their prior knowledge about life in the future via a speaking activity and a video. After, students will prepare to read about life in the future by reviewing/learning vocabulary found in the reading. In the following lesson, students will read an article about the future and create a time capsule for 18 year olds in 2028.


Food Lesson - Part 3

Intermediate level

In this lesson students will study restaurant reviews in preparation for the main task of the lesson, which is writing their own reviews.
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