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Grammar | Present Continuous/be going to for future; Vocabulary | time out; How to | talk about plans

Pre-intermediate b1 level

In this lesson, SS learn about present continuous/be going to through the guided discovery based on the calendar notes. The lesson starts with a discussion about Time Out, then SS do matching game. This is followed by pair work, where SS look at the photos and discuss. Finally, they learn about present continuous/ be going to for future and do dome exercises.


TP 4

B2 level

This lesson is focused on listening skills. I am going to have some reviewing and examples about the word ‘obsession’ which they’ve been working on it during their <b>past</b> classes and works on speaking skills, and then I will work on some new vocabularies in the context of listening. This will lead them into the meaning, form, pronunciation of the new words and usage of them in daily speaking. In the end I’m going to have more free practice on the topic in the context of speaking.


be going to

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss learn about the Be going to (plans and predictions) through guided discovery approach based on a listening text. The lesson starts with an activity called 'What am i going to pack?'. There is scanning listening task. Following that there will be grammar based exercises. Finally, there is some controlled practice and freer practice.


nationalities vocabulary, To be-negative forms

A1 level

In this lesson, students are going to learn nationalities vocabulary and focus on them by doing a receptive skill (listening). They are also going to learn negative forms of To be verbs. This is going to be done by modeling examples and building on what they already know. More productive practice is going to be considered by doing some matching exercises and possibly speaking time.


Future Tenses - Predictions

Intermediate (b1) level

In this lesson, students will learn the difference between "will" and "going to" in the function of "prediction" The class will start with an quick guessing argument on a picture. With this stage, students will meet the word "prediction". I will test their previous knowledge about future tense and clarify the prediction meaning of will and be going to. After a controlled gap-filling practice, students will have and opportunity to improve their fluency in the future tense by productive (speaki...


Teaching Practice 8

Elementary level

In this lesson, students are going to learn about how to use was/ were in sentences. They are going to start with a leading of my ten years challenge and talk about it. Then they are going to read a short text to see some example sentences. After clarification stage, they are going to do controlled, semi-controlled and freer practice activities.


Modal verb

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be able to better understand the grammar usage of the modal verb ‘going to’. We will discuss the positive and negative form of this modal verb. I will also highlight some more examples using the personal pronouns (1st sing, 2nd, 3rd plural) for students to get a clearer picture of the verb. The lesson will start with the follow up of the dialogue which will be presented by my colleague in the previous lesson. Students will discuss some sentences using 'going to'...


On The Go

Kindergarten - orange level

In this lesson, students will finish reading "I Go With My Family to Grandma's." We will look at different modes of transport used to go to grandma's house and use learned language from previous lessons to discuss how students go to their own grandparents' homes. We will also spend some time learning about members in a family.


Expressing probability lesson

Intermediate level

In this lesson students will learn how to speculate about the future with the help of some clarification and exercises. It starts with a lead-in to help Ss to understand what they will learn through the lesson. Then there is going to be a test to check their prior knowledge about the target language. After the first test, there is going to a teach section to clarify the meaning,form and pronunciation of the target language. Then there is going to be a second test to check what they've learned...


TP7 - Grammar (Future Tense)

Upper intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson students will review and practice grammar of the tense forms going to, will, present continuous and present <b>simple</b> in the context of making plans and decisions in the future. The lesson will use the discovery approach to teaching grammar and the topic is about making plans to go see a football match. Students will distinguish between different forms of the future tense and their use and they will practice through speaking tasks.
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