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be going to

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss learn about the Be going to (plans and predictions) through guided discovery approach based on a listening text. The lesson starts with an activity called 'What am i going to pack?'. There is scanning listening task. Following that there will be grammar based exercises. Finally, there is some controlled practice and freer practice.


Teaching Vocabulary

B1 level

This session the students are going to learn some frequently used vocabularies of groceries and other things,along with their quantifiers. They will also work on their pronunare used together ciations when they are used together and linked.


Teaching Practice 1b

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson students will practice the use of impersonal passives( distancing ). They are going to talk about magical places they have been to or know of. The new vocabulary on that topic will be provided.They will work in pairs. After that they are going to practice writing skills, They will plan and write a text about a place with magical powers using new grammar and vocabulary. They are going to swap paper for peer error correction.I'm going to put their writing on the walls and after ...


Listening & Speaking (TP 2a)

Intermediate level

In this lessons, Ss are going to practice both speaking and listening in the context of the lesson which revolves around dilemmas. The lesson begins with a short WC elicitation of the meaning of "dilemma" and "at a crossroads" and moves on to a quick activity about the new vocabulary that Ss might not know or might find useful at the next stages of the lesson. Further into the lesson, the Ss are going to read for gist. They read about three situations and decide in which situation it is...


Going out Lesson

Beginner a1 level

In this lesson ss will learn how to ask and answer questions using present progressive. They wil also have a chance to improve their receptive and productive skills through listening and speaking in the context of 'going out'.


That's A Good Idea, Vocabulary / Business

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to learn some vocabulary related to the topic "business" and read a text named The Apprentice which is a reality game show displaying 30 contestants from around the United Kingdom competing for a job of the most difficult boss of the country. Before reading the text, I'm going to show another reality game show named "The Biggest Loser". After the video, the students are going to learn and practice some important words in the text as the pre-teaching stage. A...


Free time lesson

Intermediate, face2face, page 8 level

In this lesson,students learn about vowels with using them in some activities. Then students learn for which activities we can use do, play, go, go to. After that students learn about using (Do you ever....) in their sentences. Then they can learn about free time activities in Britain and at the end they can write about their own free time activities.


TP# 8

Intermediate level

In this lesson, ss are going to learn some new vocabulary related to food, cities and people. At the beginning, they are going to discuss adjectives in by watching a video and describe many things. During the lesson, ss are going to practice the new vocabulary throughout many tasks, such as, listening to a conversation using adjectives. At the end, ss are going to listen to a recording talking about healthy food and junk food and then ss will have the chance to debate about this topic.


Grammar | Present Continuous/be going to for future; Vocabulary | time out; How to | talk about plans

Pre-intermediate b1 level

In this lesson, SS learn about present continuous/be going to through the guided discovery based on the calendar notes. The lesson starts with a discussion about Time Out, then SS do matching game. This is followed by pair work, where SS look at the photos and discuss. Finally, they learn about present continuous/ be going to for future and do dome exercises.


Tourism- "be going to" and Present Continuous Lesson

Pre- intermediate level

In this lesson, students focus on future plans by using "be going to" and "Present Continuous". First, the students get engaged by answering the questions about the paragraph that they study in previous parts. With this paragraph, they focus on the form and meaning of target tense. Then a couple of controlled- practice activities take place through rearranging questions and answering them. Finally, the students talk on an imaginary situation by using the target tense.
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