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Listening and Speaking

Advanced level

This lesson focuses on listening and speaking. The listening is about globalization, what people think about it and each speaker refers to an aspect of day to day life to express his/her views on the topic. In the pre-listening activity I will ask them questions related to how globalization and English language are related, if they are. Then, students will listen to an interview with a linguist about the English language and globalization. While listening, they will do some exercises. The pur...


How are we different?

A1 beginner level

In this lesson, Ss will learn some new basic adjectives, and will use them to describe similarities and differences with people they know, and other Ss. We will first do a mingle to review adjectives the have already learned in other lessons, then during the clarification stage the T will elicit the meaning of the new vocabulary through visuals. For controlled practice, Ss will play adjective Bingo to revise old vocabulary and test their knowledge of the new by choosing the correct antonym. T...


Teaching Practice 4 (TP4)

Beginner level

In this lesson, we are going to learn and practice use of possessive forms in positive statements, negative ones, and in questions. We will also be talking about possessions (objects) and getting the class prepared to move into lessons concerning possessions in prepositional phrases


Superlatives A Wedding Ceremony

Pre-intermediate b1 level

In this lesson, students practise superlative adjectives through a context.. The lesson starts with a wedding ceremony context told by teacher using PPT for focusing on the grammar point.This is followed by controlled,semi-controlled activities.Finally,there is some freer practice for accuracy and fluency via some some cards prepared by the T .


2b Lives and Legends

Intermediate level

Topic: Lives and Legends In the second teaching lesson students will cover their skills in terms of speaking and listening. As a pre reading task they will learn some key words related to required vocabulary for the lesson in order to assist them to be able to read and listen to the provided text successfully and provide their answers for class discussion to practice their speaking skills.


Teaching Practice 8

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students practice fluency speaking in the context of a job interview. This lesson starts with a lead-in to set the context and then exposure to the target language through a questions/answers matching exercise. This is followed by highlighting and clarifying of the vocabulary and language used in job interviews to prepare students for the freer practice activity. Finally there is a role play exercise in which students practice speaking for fluency.


Model Verb Would

Intermediate b1 level

In this leson students learn model verb Would. The Ss give an opinion about hypothetical future situations, ask for and offer advice or suggestions, with like, love, prefer, etc to express preferences using the questionnaire the T has prepared before the lesson to teach the model verb would in a context.


TP 8 My Utopia

Elementary a1/a2 level

This lesson starts with some pictures and some vocabulary in the context of '' My Utopia''. The TL for this lesson comes from Ss' own vocabulary, discussion part of the exposure stage, Alona and Maher's lessons. The students will communicate with each other to present a perfect society for themselves. In the subsidiary aim of the lesson which is lexis, the students will be prepared for the productive skill (communicative speaking practice)


There is/ There are (affirmative)

Beginners level

In this lesson, Ss use 'there is/ there are' (affirmative) to talk about the existence of things in the classroom and in cities. The lesson starts with the T pointing out things in the classroom for the students to name and the teacher to introduce 'There is/ There are'. The teacher then explains the grammar and the Ss are given a HO (circle the correct word in 5 sentences) for controlled practice. This is followed by another HO for semi controlled practice, where Ss have to make sentences...



A1 level

In this lesson the students will be reading for gist and then reading for a specific purpose. They will also be making a class Project and present it to the class.
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