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Business writing basics

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will review important elements of good business writing in English, especially for letters and emails.



Intermediate level

The main focus will be on writing semi-formal emails, and the students will send an email to a tourist information centre of their choice using the rules they will have studied in the first half of the lesson. Although not all of the students received replies from the information centres they emailed, most of them did, which in itself gave them much satisfaction.


Thursday 10th of April

Elementary level

In this lesson, students have an opportunity to practice writing in a controlled setting in the theme of "cities"/"weekend activities". Students review vocabulary and grammar from the lessons in the <b>past</b> three days. The writing activity has a clear purpose and is integrated with other skills. The audience is real. They are writing to each other.


A short thank-you message

Intermediate level

In this lesson students learn product writing through Cutting Edge third edition on a writing based text. The lesson starts with a discussion about email, postcard and text messages. This is followed by a gist reading where students read and relate the text to the context followed by some control and freer practice of writing.


TP8 Writing - Productive Skill

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn how to write an e-mail as a reply to another email they received asking about a friend. in the lead in, ss will be shown some pictures to describe them. in order to set the context. Then, we will move to a reading activity " reading for gist" to provide ss with general understanding of the text . there will be useful language to be used in the writing process. After that, their will a writing task that will give the learners a chance to practice their writ...


Writing in the Context of Family and Friends

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will practice reading using activities based on the descriptions of family members and their interests. This lesson begins with reinforcing previous lessons of family and friends. This is followed by an email reading activity. This assignment elicits students’ ability to scan for details in the email and answer questions after a second thorough reading. Then, in a controlled practice activity, students will write their own email and have partners read them in order to...


appearance lesson

Elementary a2 level

In this lesson, the students concentrate on writing and also learn new vocabulary for describing appearance. By the end of the lesson, the learners will be able to write personal emails on the topic of appearance.


time lesson

Intermediate level

Students practise speaking in the context of time, firstly starting with a lead in exercise of how early or late students arrived for class, followed by a discussion about sayings about time. then a discussion about punctuality and in what contexts it is necessary ending with a written exercise, writing an email letting someone know that you are going to be late for an appointment




Teaching Practice 3:

Elementary, a2 level

In this lesson students practice the grammar and vocabulary they have learnt in previous lessons and learn how to write an email to a penfriend by using the vocabulary on family and physical apparance
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