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Shopping areas/malls, Speaking

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will first elicit facilities of shopping malls and think about the advantages & disadvantages of shopping malls/areas. Then, the teacher will clarify some vocabulary and introduce useful language needed for the next task. During the rest of the lesson students will prepare a presentation in groups and present it for the whole class. This happens through jigsaw speaking/writing activity.


Ali Tp 7

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson,Ss will practice speaking throug various controlled,freer activities.First they will listen to a tape which models the TL and uses the useful phrases.Then Ss will be given time to prepare and interview their partners about their memorable events and finally they will summarize it and will read it for the WC


Straightforward Elementary - Reading Lesson

Elementary level

In this lesson students will initially discuss some questions that ultimately lead to the reading topic of the lesson. The context of the reading is family with an emphasis on different vocabulary words to prepare the students for the followup lesson on grammar.



Upper intermediate level

During this lesson, we will focus on some adverbs through the context of power and money as new vocabulary. To start things off, Ss will be shown a short comedy video which is about a Manager who is besieged by his staff over a serious pay issue, who distracts them and runs off to the airport. They will then work in pairs to produce a scenario where one of them is a manager the other an employee. The Manager will use distraction techniques. At the end, T to get the feelings of the Ss. We will...


Writing: A Day in my Life

Beginner level

In this lesson, students are introduced to reading a short text for gist and detail, including matching sentences, as well as preparing to write through controlled tasks such as completing sentences and analyzing sequencing of daily routines, and writing a paragraph and editing peer work, all within the context of "A day in my life".



Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will get speaking practice in the context of talking about life choices. They will have both a content and a language preparation stage before the actual speaking stage. Furthermore, during the speaking stage, they will listen, after a first attempt, to proficient speakers performing the same task. Then they will read a transcript and try to do the task again.



Intermediate. (e2) level

I will teach the students a vocabulary system. They will learn about Prefixes: their meanings and how to use them. I will base my explanation on a short paragraph and a reading text from "Language Leader" book. At the end, there will be a controlled practice through answering exercises in the book, and there will be a freer practice vis a speaking activity.


Getting together

B2 level

In this lesson, students will be presented to several genres of message writings. They have to do different tasks as a preparation for writing their own message at the end of the lesson.


Prefix mis-

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn about Prefixes: their meanings and how to use them. The lesson starts with a lead in: a short video for a woman that mispronounces the word ‘Google’. Then students match some sentences to the correct words through listening followed by a listening exercise to find the stressed syllables on some words. The last activity will be a speaking activity to speak about common misspelled or pronounced words.


Teaching Practice


In this lesson, sts will be learning "giving advice" through a picture that I will draw on the board and practice what they learn through some flashcards I have prepared.
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