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Jonathan Guiho TP 1b (2)

Pre-intermediate a2 level

In this lesson, students learn about the question form of the <b>past</b> continuous in the context of relationships and first meetings. The lesson starts with a discussion about being in a couple. This is followed by a game with different pictures showing various steps in a relationship, where students have to work in groups to find out which one is corresponding to the different sentences. The next sequence is a listening comprehension where students focus on an interview and answer questio...


Teaching Practice 4

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, the students will practice the usage and meanings of the narrative <b>past</b> verb forms: <b>Simple</b> <b>past</b>, <b>Past</b> continuous and <b>Past</b> perfect. They will review the definitions and uses, complete controlled activities and end the grammar lesson with a semi-controlled speaking activity.


Telling stories ( urban legends ), phrasal verbs + past perfect contiuous.

Upper intermediate level

The lesson focuses on the <b>past</b> perfect continuous, students will practice the structure and the use of <b>past</b> perfect continuous by following models through guided discovery, the lesson starts with introducing vocabulary about phrasal verbs, reading article about urban legends and practice on grammar. By the end of lesson students will ask to do some activities such as:visual, jumbled sentences and fill the gaps.


past simple and continuous

Pre-intermediate level

This lesson is taken from English Ultimited course book. It revolves around the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and the <b>past</b> continuous. The lesson starts with a small discussion as warm up about some pictures describing a man who had a bad day because he has lost his money before getting in a taxi. Then I'll elicit the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and <b>past</b> continuous from the students. Then clarification of the meaning, form, and pronunciation. The first task is fill in the gaps. And th...


Teaching Practice 3

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson the students will learn the use of the <b>past</b> continuous and the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> together within the context of art. The lesson will be based mostly upon the <b>past</b> lesson in which the students discussed art and music. The students will learn the grammar through guided discovery. They will then complete various exercises which will then be followed by pronunciation drilling and a speaking activity which will be a whole class mingle. If I have time I will cho...


Face to face short reading and listening speaking task based

Prep course-demo class page 32 and page 33 level

In this lesson, after answering two warm-up questions, students start with some pictures and discuss what they see.It will lead to Vocabulary teaching and reading the short text about them.Later on, the related listening part will be done individually and then checked in pairs and the whole class.The follow-up activity will be done in groups as a controlled practice in which the students will be monitored by the teacher for the process of error correction later. In the next step to clarify t...



B1 level




Pre-intermediate level

By the end of the lesson, students will have practised using the <b>past</b> continuous and <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> in the context of telling about minor accidents and lucky escapes.


Travel, Past simple and continuous

Upper secondary 3 level

In this lesson, Ss practice <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and continuous related to the topic -Travel. For lead-in, Ss are to find types of transport in the word snake. This is followed by a speaking activity. Ss are given word prompts and work in pairs. Ss then engage in a writing activity. In this activity, Ss are to correct the underlined tenses if they are wrong. Ss then practice using the two tenses in a listening activity. They are to listen to a recording and do a true or false task. This ...


Intermidiate b1 level

In this lesson, the students will do some listening and grammar about the <b>past</b> experiences. They will be doing a specific listening task first then they will follow this up with being introduced to <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and continuous grammar by eliciting the form of the tense and get them involved with an activity after that get Ss talk about their own <b>past</b> experiences.
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