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Present Progressive

A2 level

This lesson plan is prepared as a demo lesson for Turkish American Association.


7B_7G(SecondLesson) Speaking_06102015

B1 level

In this lesson, the SS revise the patterns they learned in the last term through a speaking activity. After the warm-up exercise, the SS work in pairs and the teacher elicits examples of the languages forms (prompts on the SB) from the SS. Then, with different pairs, the SS prepare a dialogue by using the prompts on the SB and then present them to the whole class.


TP3 Grammar

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will review and practice Wh-questions. The lesson begins with questions asked to the students with regards to sports or games they play. Afterwards, the students will be introduced to the target language through a games and sports quiz for which students will perform a listening for specific information task. In the clarification phase, students will review the meaning of Wh-words, and their understanding will be checked through CCQs and examples. The clarification of ...


Tell me about yourself lesson, interview advice

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about some vocabulary related to the topic "job interviews" through the reading text titled "5 Tips to help you do well at the interviews". They will also practice talking about their own opinions based on the interview experiences they have had so far or they might experience in the future.


Teaching Practice 4

A2 - elementary level

In this lesson students will practice their reading skills in the context of places (i.e. cities and neighborhoods), and transfer that practice into speaking while working on their vocabulary. First, sts in groups look at pictures and say what they can see. Then they look at the words on the second page and match those words to the pictures. During FB, I elicit the answers; model and drill sts on the correct pronunciation of the words. Test again, showing flashcards. Then I set the context of...


Oliver TP6 Time Expression Preps and Speaking

Elementary a2 level

During the course of this lesson, students will practice time expressions in the language (grammar) part of the lesson. As a follow-up, a speaking activity has been prepared to stimulate the productive skills of students.


Jonathan Guiho TP 1b (2)

Pre-intermediate a2 level

In this lesson, students learn about the question form of the <b>past</b> continuous in the context of relationships and first meetings. The lesson starts with a discussion about being in a couple. This is followed by a game with different pictures showing various steps in a relationship, where students have to work in groups to find out which one is corresponding to the different sentences. The next sequence is a listening comprehension where students focus on an interview and answer questio...


Ali Tp 7

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson,Ss will practice speaking throug various controlled,freer activities.First they will listen to a tape which models the TL and uses the useful phrases.Then Ss will be given time to prepare and interview their partners about their memorable events and finally they will summarize it and will read it for the WC


Straightforward Elementary - Reading Lesson

Elementary level

In this lesson students will initially discuss some questions that ultimately lead to the reading topic of the lesson. The context of the reading is family with an emphasis on different vocabulary words to prepare the students for the followup lesson on grammar.



Upper intermediate level

During this lesson, we will focus on some adverbs through the context of power and money as new vocabulary. To start things off, Ss will be shown a short comedy video which is about a Manager who is besieged by his staff over a serious pay issue, who distracts them and runs off to the airport. They will then work in pairs to produce a scenario where one of them is a manager the other an employee. The Manager will use distraction techniques. At the end, T to get the feelings of the Ss. We will...
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