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Present perfect

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students extend their practice with the present perfect tense, continuous and <b>simple</b>, through practice, reading, and speaking about texts related to the preparations for a party (and one provided in an earlier lesson). The lesson starts with a discussion picking up on a previous lesson about the form and use of this tense. This is followed by two controlled practice exercises: one identifying sentences as continuous or <b>simple</b>, and one where students create the co...


IELTS General Training Reading

B2-c1 level

This lesson plan is useful in preparing students for the reading section of the IELTS examination. SS will be introduced to the sentence-completion task type and practice the skills required to answer them. Also, it allows students to practice identifying key words, paraphrasing, analyzing the language in the questions and predicting what sort of word is required, and utilizing important reading strategies such as previewing, predicting, scanning and intensive reading. This lesson plan accomp...


Speaking and Functional language

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about speaking and functional language for problems and solutions. The lesson starts with a discussion about four situations. This is followed by highlighting the TL and students are prepared to speak about problems and solutions. next stage is useful language where students my find useful language for completing speaking task via final role play.


Awkward situations

Upper- intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson Ss learn about 'Awkward situations' and how they can respond politely in any of the awkward situations. The lesson starts with pre- teaching of 'awkward' using visual. firstly, to set the context and activate Ss' schemata; secondly, to familiarize them with the meaning. Then Ss will have a short discussion to decide why the situations in Exercise 1 are awkward and what Bella , the character, can say in each of them. To check their answers , Ss will listen to Bella's dialogues....


Teaching practice 1b

Upper-intermidiate level

In this lesson Ss are going to read and talk about magical places around the world. There will be scanning and skimming activities. They will learn how to produce impersonal passives sentences. finally they are supposed to write a short paragraph about the magical places and try to use the grammar in their language .


Jobs Lesson with focused on Present Simple & Past Simple with 'Have to'

Pre- intermediate level

In this lesson, students will mainly learn about grammar, focused on Present <b>Simple</b> & <b>Past</b> <b>Simple</b> with 'Have to', in the context of jobs and their required actions. First, the lesson starts with linking to the previous lesson and a discussion about what they remember about it. This is followed by grammar part, through questions and also making questions with have to in the Present <b>Simple</b> and <b>Past</b> <b>Simple</b> in 'have to' form. The next sequence is a listen...


Improving speaking skills for more effective communication

Silva speaking lesson plan - upper-intermediate level

The objectives of this lesson plan are to improve students' speech vocabulary, controlled speaking, appropriate vocabulary usage, situation-demanding word use, learning the difference between academically essential informal and formal word usage, and right accent use to avoid accent confusion. This lesson plan will also assist students in coming up with synonyms for common English words. recognizing mistakes made when speaking and improving speech segments for improved outcomes so that listen...


passive reporting structures

Upperintermediate, b2 level

In this lesson, Ss are focusing on a grammar about passive reporting structures. Before this task, Ss would be prepared through a small listening task and a. they will listen for some specific information in exercise 2,2.29,p.118(straightforward, upper intermediate). then T will clarify the example models extracted from the listening task (MFP) and finally, Ss will have a freer talk and discuss a news story they make.


Food and Shopping

Beginner level

In this lesson, students study on food containers.The lesson starts with showing students a shopping bag and checking students knowledge on food words with realia. This is followed by pre-teaching vocabulary of food containers with ppt using MPF. After that students are going to do a crossword puzzle including containers words. Later on students are going to read a conversation in shop. Then prepare shopping list. As a freer practice three "shops" will be set up in the classroom and some stu...



Elementary a1 level

This lesson is a vocabulary lesson focused around travel for holiday. The students will listen to dialogues and read to interact with the TL.
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