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Speaking lesson

Intermediate level

In this lesson students are trained to speak fluently through an activity on the idea of likes and dislikes.Pre-teaching words are introduced then the students will be reading for gist.An open task is going to take place .Moreover i will prepare a flexi stage.


And the moral is ... (Reading)

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be reading stories with morals which prepares them for the second part of the class which will be about narrative tenses. The lesson starts with a warm-up activity which is chain storytelling, the students will collectively come up with a story based on the provided keywords on the ppt. This is followed by students predicting what the texts will be about based on images and titles. After predicting, students will read the texts and will be given both controlled a...


All around the world

Intermediate level

In this lesson, Sts learn how to use comparative and superlative forms to compare some countries in the context of all around the world. The lesson starts with the lead-in by watching a video then asking the students about their dream countries. This is followed by the exposure stage to make the students familiar with the target language (TL). After that the students highlight the TL. Hence, the teacher clarifies aspects of the TL through eliciting, asking CCQs and drilling. After that, the S...


IELTS Academic Listening Section 2

B1-b2 level

This lesson plan is useful in preparing students for the IELTS Listening Section 2. Students will be provided with practice for the sub-skills required to answer these types of tasks.This lesson plan accompanies Cambridge IELTS 11 Academic. It is suitable for students of intermediate level and above.


Awkward situations

Upper- intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson Ss learn about 'Awkward situations' and how they can respond politely in any of the awkward situations. The lesson starts with pre- teaching of 'awkward' using visual. firstly, to set the context and activate Ss' schemata; secondly, to familiarize them with the meaning. Then Ss will have a short discussion to decide why the situations in Exercise 1 are awkward and what Bella , the character, can say in each of them. To check their answers , Ss will listen to Bella's dialogues....


Speaking Skill

B1 level

In this lesson students learn How to state a problem discuss problems and solutions . Actually it is a speaking task so first students will review some vocabularies related to social problems Then they review the strategy of speaking by a powerpointt prepared by teacher you're supposed to check how to express justif answers Then they're introduced to the topic again the topic is Solving a public health problem. First students are asked to work in the group Make plans write an outline on the...


Modal verb

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be able to better understand the grammar usage of the modal verb ‘going to’. We will discuss the positive and negative form of this modal verb. I will also highlight some more examples using the personal pronouns (1st sing, 2nd, 3rd plural) for students to get a clearer picture of the verb. The lesson will start with the follow up of the dialogue which will be presented by my colleague in the previous lesson. Students will discuss some sentences using 'going to'...



Upper intermediate level

This class is to provide students with reading practice for specific information and detail in the context of tipping. Students will start with a discussion of topic related questions, followed by some vocabulary check. Then students will be asked to predict their answers for an exercise before reading the text. Then they will be paired up to check their answers after they read the text. A whole class feedback is conducted then. A more detailed task will be given to students asking them to a...



Upper intermediate level

Students will be able to differentiate state verb and action verb and be able to use them in <b>simple</b> and continuous aspects correctly. They will be asked about activities they do while at an airport to prepare them for the topic today. Then they will be asked to discuss two questions related. After discussion, they will hear a clip and tell what activities mentioned in the clip. Then they will hear it again finish a TL gap fill exercise. We will discuss the exercise and elicit TL f...



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will read an article about the best and worst places to live as an expatriate. The article will serve as a basis from which they will eventually be asked to produce a paragraph which will personalize the subject for them. They will also learn vocabulary from the article that might be useful for the writing stage. I have created a lesson plan that I would use with my students at the Bogazici University prep school. My students begin the year as pre-intermediate, b...
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