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Question Tags

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about "Ouestion Tags" through speaking and listening activities, and guided discovery. The lesson starts with a lead-in by realia which are the classroom and all the objects and people in it e.g. "This classroom is big enough, isn't it?".Then the grammar topic will be taught via guided discovery with a handout prepared by the teacher with the help of the book. The answer key sheet will be delivered. Next, there will be a drilling session in which the teacher wi...




Job Interview

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson students learn how to describe a job interview and use adjectives to describe some personal traits in a job interview in the context of jobs. The lesson stars with a discussion about the dream job of the students and job interviews. Then, I teach them some blocking vocabularies and phrasal verbs before they watch/listen to an interview to find the answers for some general questions. Then, they listen again for details. Finally, they are divided into pairs and act out a dialogue...


TP5 Del Barrio

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn functional language to talk about vacations through guided discovery based on an audio clip and dialogue. The lesson starts with a discussion about preparing for a vacation. This is followed by a gist task where students listen to an audio clip containing the targeted language and try to decide where the person in the clip wants to travel to. Analysis of the dialogue will continue with a matching activity to begin the explanation of MFPA. Finally there is some c...


Countable and uncountable nouns with indefinite articles (a/an, some & any)

Elementary level

In this lesson, Ss learn about countable and uncountable nouns and how they're used with a/an, some and any. Ss also will be revising various food vocabulary and improving their fluency and accuracy through pronunciation practices. Ss gain opportunity to improve their social communication skills through conversation with their peers and activate the TL through a variety of grammar exercises based on a model provided. T starts with a personalized discussion by demonstrating a visual pic about ...


Teaching Practice 6

Intermediate level

The students have listened to a recording of an office debate in the previous session. They will begin by matching vocabulary from this recoding to the definition. I will select a sentence from the debate, check for meaning, and drill for pronunciation and fluency. They will complete sentences from the debate, reinforcing the use of the vocabulary in functional language in preparation for a group/ class debate. The context of the debate will be set. Students will read a newspaper article a...


TP6 Speaking

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students focus on productive skills: speaking through guided discovery based on a listening activity accompanied with written dialogue for Ss to read about calendars. The lesson starts with a discussion about calendars and their uses to elicit TL. This is followed by content preparation through a gist task where Ss listen and follow along with a dialogue they will be asked to extract TL information from. Ss will be asked to extract two categories of expressions which will lead...


oxford discover futures 3 listening

Intermediate b1/b2 level

This lesson intends to practice Ss' listening skills - both listening for gist and listening for specific information in a certain context. The lead-in will use a visualization approach to set the context, engage Ss in the lesson, and encourage them to use their imagination in preparation for the activities to follow. Ss will be introduced to key vocabulary to help their understanding of the text through flashcards and mime. In stage 2 of the lesson, Ss will work in pairs, practice readi...


Find information from documents

Elementary level

In this lesson, Ss will practice speaking for accuracy and fluency in the context of finding information from documents. The lesson starts with a lead in about where and when we need using our personal information. This is followed by preparing the Ss through reading. Then eliciting the questions and drilling them on the board so that they can use them. Finally there will be a speaking task followed by the teacher's feedback.


Physical Appearance and Personality

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson,Students will learn how to describe a person in terms of their appearances and personalities.They will learn some new words related to the topic on the coursebook.There is a reading text and I am trying to prepare them to read the text easily.
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