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Future Plans, New Year's Resolution, Speaking lesson

Elementary level

In this lesson, students practice a productive skill (speaking). They will be using vocabulary which they have learned from previous lessons which is related to positive results and achievements. The early stages of the lesson to raise their interest and prepare them for the main speaking activity in the context of Future Plans using "be going to" as well as the opportunity to learn new vocabulary related to the context.


Present perfect

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students extend their practice with the present perfect tense, continuous and <b>simple</b>, through practice, reading, and speaking about texts related to the preparations for a party (and one provided in an earlier lesson). The lesson starts with a discussion picking up on a previous lesson about the form and use of this tense. This is followed by two controlled practice exercises: one identifying sentences as continuous or <b>simple</b>, and one where students create the co...


Unusual food lesson , listening lesson

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson Ss will learn about unusual food. I'll start my lesson with warm up .I will show them some pictures of strange kind of food from around the world and ask them some questions about this food.Then they will answer some questions in the pre-listening stage to prepare them for listening.They will listen and answer some questions in the stage of while listening like true or false and fill the table with suitable words.I will check understanding of vocabulary by matching exercise.Fin...


Listening and Vocabulary Skills

A1-elementary level

In this lesson, students will learn about food vocabulary and some food verbs through guided discovery based on the listening activity in the main course book. The lesson will be initiated with a video based on the photo Ss see on the first page of Unit 5. While watching the video Ss will be provided with a somewhat controlled practice--ticking/checking the food names they hear in the video--. Two board games will be played with two teams. The first game is based on the opening chapter in whi...


Healthy Life, present simple

Beginner, a1 level

In this lesson, students will listen to a interview of a survey as a model for their speaking task, then will clarify the . After practicing the same model for speaking task in pairs they will prepare their own survey and practice it again.



B2 level

In this lesson Ss learn how to use quantifiers with countable and un countable nouns. The lesson starts with a short entertaining video clip about some of the quantifiers like too many, too much, and so on. It will involve Ss to the topic. Then we do a quick test on Ss previous knowledge on the topic, using fill in the gaps exercise. It will be done by Ss individually followed by a pair check, and finally the answers will be checked through the listening. At this point, Ss might need to be cl...


Modal lesson

A2 level

In this session, students learn about modal auxiliaries and their usage. At the beginning of the session, <b>past</b> continuous is going to be reviewed. Then, a tough situation is going to be created in order that the students may choose the possible options and try to use some modals. Next, the instruction is going to be offered and other usage of modals is introduced.Some questions and another sticky situation are prepared to encourage students to individually use modals. After asking them...


Grammar & Listening - Noisy Neighbours

Elementary level

TO BE EDITED ----------------------------- In this lesson, students will get familiar with present continuous tense. After a brief lead-in by showing a video and eliciting and drilling new vocabulary students will be asked some questions about noisy neighbours actions. They will have to interview their partners about 2 possible things noisy neighbours can do. Through the listening, students will be asked and will be able to get the meaning of ongoing actions. Ss will be asked to dri...


TP6- Reading- The Day I met Keira

Elementary level

In this lesson, students practice the sub-skills of reading for gist and reading for specific information in a text about an actress, Keira Knightley. The lesson starts with a lead-in about Keira Knightly and her movies. This is followed by two reading activities for gist followed by a reading activity for specific information. Some time linkers will be introduced for students as a preparation to the speaking task. Students will practice guided speaking in the form of asking and answering som...


IELTS General Training Reading

B2-c1 level

This lesson plan is useful in preparing students for the reading section of the IELTS examination. SS will be introduced to the summary-completion task type and practice the skills required to answer them. Also, it allows students to practice identifying key words, paraphrasing, analyzing the language in the questions and predicting what sort of word is required, and utilizing important reading strategies such as previewing, predicting, scanning and intensive reading. This lesson plan accompa...
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