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Intermediate level

During this lesson ss will get to practice speaking about items with sentimental values. At first through real objects and photos students will get to predict the lesson’s theme then they will get to listen for gist. Following that they will get to do a preparation for speaking task to discover language analysis. Before getting to practice the speaking, Ss will get to write about 3 objects which are important to them and why for at least 10 min. Finally, they will get to practice speaking ...


G6- Speaking Demo

G6 level

This demo of a real speaking lesson will be tough for G6 students. In this lesson, Ss will experience the merits and demerits of mobile phones. Ss will compare pictures generally, then gradually and smoothly, the T guides them to the functional language as a preparation step before the speaking task.


45 minute listening-based lesson plan

Beginners a1 level

In this lesson students learn more about booking a table in a restaurant through listening to an audio based on a phone call between a customer and a restaurant officer. This lesson will go throughout many stages: 1- warm-up/ lead-in: to prepare students for the listening. 2- pre-listening: to make the audio more accessible. 3- while-listening 1: to provide students with less challenging task (listening for gist). 4 While reading 2: to provide students with more detailed listening. 5- ...


TP 5 - Writing (June 20th, 2023)

Upper-intermediate (b1) level

Writing lesson (Email Writing) for a group of between 4 and 8 students.


Describing people

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn about describing people as well as asking questions about asking about people. The lesson starts with a small discussion about two celebrities that look alike, students discuss their similar features. This is followed by small descriptions of people. Then, some language preparation to put into practice the language. Finally, they will work in teams and one person from the team will pick a person and describe it and their peers will try to guess which person...


Writing: A Day in my Life

Beginner level

In this lesson, students are introduced to reading a short text for gist and detail, including matching sentences, as well as preparing to write through controlled tasks such as completing sentences and analyzing sequencing of daily routines, and writing a paragraph and editing peer work, all within the context of "A day in my life".


Weekend Break - Speaking about hotels and hotel facilities

Pre-intermediate b-1 level

In this lesson, the students will learn/review vocbualary from the fırst 4 exercises on p.48 of the text Straightforward Pre-intermediate to discuss hotels and hotel facililities to prepare them to do the listenting activity on the 2nd half of the page (to be done by Emine) about a Weekend Break


TP 5, Modal verbs - permission and obligation

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, studenst will learn about modal verbs 'have to', 'can', 'must' through guided discovery, using the context prepared by the teacher. They will focus especially on the use of these verbs to express obligation and permission while talking about work issues. The lesson will include some controlled, semi-controlled exercises. Then it will finish up with free practice.


Teaching Practice 6b

Pre-intermediate level

This lesson intends to practise Ss' listening skills - both listening for gist and listening for specific information in the context of love songs. *** The lead-in will use a visualisation approach to set the context, engage Ss in lesson and encourage them to use their imagination in preparation for the activities to follow. *** Ss will be introduced to key vocabulary to help their understanding of the text through flashcards and mime *** In stage 2 of the lesson Ss will work in pairs, pr...


can, have to, must

Pre-intermediate grade level

In this lesson: Ss will have a warm-up about can, can't, mustn't, must and have to. To prepare them for the structure, I will elicit can, can't, mustn't, must and have to. The lesson starts with (CCQs). This is followed by fill in gaps questions and a listening question. For free practice, Ss will practice speaking through making sentences by using the structure. The last would be a feedback.
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