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How to write an email

Elementary level

In this lesson , students will learn the email components and how to write an email.



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students practice their writing skills as they write an email inviting friends to come to their party. Students then read and respond to each other's emails.



Elementary level

In this lesson students will be presented with the model example of informal email, analyse and clarify the features, practise structure and, finally, write an informal email.



Pre-intermediate level

In this section of the lesson, students will review and practice functional language related to “Giving Advice”. In this the students will be exposed to how to write emails, asking and giving advice. They will be given HOs of the emails and they have to analyze the language in it so that they write a rough draft to their friend asking for advice and replying to it in a series of activities.


Emails of Complaint

Intermediate level

In this lesson students will practice writing emails of complaints


TP - 6, Writing, in the context of creating an email to a new friend

Elementary level

In this lesson, learners will be introduced to the layout of an email and the language utilized in an email, in which they introduce themselves to a new friend. In addition, learners will complete a Guided Discovery task, labeling the parts of an example email to a new friend. This Guided Discovery Task will allow them to put what they have learned into practice and solidify their deep processing regarding the layout of an email and the language utilized in an email to a new friend. Learners ...


TP 7 Writing an Email

Pre intermediate level

Students will learn write an informal email


Writing formal email

Pre-intermediate level

This lesson aims at learning how to write formal email and communicate in a business environment.


Writing Emails

Intermediate level

Students will examine an exchange of emails as one person is planning to move to the other's country to study. Students will explore the language used in these emails and will apply this language to create their own emails.


Teaching Practice 7

Upper intermediate level

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