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TP3 - Past simple and Past continuous

Intermediate level

This lesson will review <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and <b>past</b> continuous tense, and use the existing knowledge to relate a personal story


Hira Nabil Ali-TP4-Grammar-Past Simple & Past Continuous

Intermediate level

Students will focus on the differentiation between <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and <b>past</b> continuous. They will also practice how to describe and important event from their life.


Teaching Practice 3 : Past Simple and Past Continuous

Pre - intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and <b>past</b> continuous form through guided discovery . The lesson starts with a grammar analysis based on a sentence from their earlier reading text . SS inductively construct meaning and form through Concept Checking Questions and Timelines . After necessary clarification and pronunciation drills SS will answer a gap fill activity in pairs and check their work in pairs through answer key . SS will be given another activity dri...


Elif CELIK 15 Nov 2013- Practising the Question form Past Continuous Tense / Relationship Vocabulary

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss get to practice question form of the <b>past</b> continuous tense and expand their vocabulary about relationships. Lead-In is linked to the previous lesson by letting Ss to guess to elicit the words on shown by the picture on WB. Then, Ss do Match activity with the words that are pre-taught. The next stage is recorded listening from the ss book; activity 6 a) is focused on more specific and detail information whereas 6 b) is more freer activity that allows Ss only to circ...


Embarrassing Situations, Past Continuous Tense

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss practice TL using <b>Past</b> Continuous Tense. The lesson starta with a <b>past</b> mime activity. This is followed by semi-controlled speaking activity where the students ask questions each other. Finally Ss discuss some embarrassing situations.


Arts lesson , past continuous tense

Pre - intermediate 1 level

Student will learn some vocabs about arts also he`ll learn how to use <b>past</b> continuous with a lot of examples , then he`ll listen to voscreens and see a video then solve some question . At the end we will have an open discussion .


Past continuous

Elementary a2-1 sept 24 2015 level

In this lesson, students do additional practice with regard to the <b>past</b> continuous. There are a series of listening and gap-fill exercises, followed by freer speaking practice and activities.


Remembering The Past

B1 level

In this lesson, SS will be fulfilling some S based and receptive activities such as testing their memories by answering the questions of a reading quiz including questions in <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> and <b>past</b> continuous tenses, listening for gist and listening in details to decide on the speakers and to fill in some missing sentences gradually. They will also be working on productive skills as when they will be encountering the grammar part including the explanation of <b>simple</b> <...


Question form of the past continuous

Pre intermediate level

In this lesson, the students learn about the question form of <b>past</b> continuous actions in the context of relationships.


A Game to Practice Simple Past& Past Continuous

Intermediate level

In this lesson students will do speaking practice using <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and <b>past</b> continuous tenses with a game based on finding the suspects of a crime.
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