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The world's most amazing hotels

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, sts are going to read about two unusual hotels in the world. The lesson starts with a matching activity in which sts are going to match the words with their definitions.Next, the teacher is going to divide the class into two groups. Each group is going to read about one hotel and answer the questions. Then, students are going to pair up with someone from the other group, ask the questions in ex 3 to find out about his/her partner's hotel. If time allows, sts are going to compa...


Grammar / how much / how many / a lot / not much

Elementary level

In this lesson the ss are going to learn how to ask questions in terms of countable and uncountable nouns. In this lesson they are going to be exposed to the target language through different skills and activities. After the lead-in the ss are going to read an introduction along with an interview. After that they are going to practice that interview in a form of conversation. Then the ss are going to do a number of grammar exercises addressing the TL . Finally they are going to practice a di...


going out

Starter a1 level

In this lesson students learn about making arrangements to go out with friends. The lesson starts with a short conversation about whether they are free this evening and then they listen to a recording in which 5 people make short conversations to go out with their friends. After listening for gist and details finally students mingle and make arrangements to go out in the evening with at least one classmate


The difference between 'will' and 'going to'

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn the difference between 'will' and 'going to' through semi-controlled and controlled written/spoken practices. The lesson starts with getting sts to remind what happened in the previous listening by asking questions. This is followed by a powerpoint presentation which includes an example dialogue enabling sts to elicit the difference in meaning between 'will' and 'going to'. Pronunciation study is done afterwards. Then semi-controlled exercises are given to get s...


Going on a trip

Clb 3 & 4 level

Learning to talk about future plans using "going to" verb structure


Going Out

Beginners level

This lesson has the same general context of the previous one. It is about inviting people to go out. The target language "Present progressive" will be elicited from the listening activity.


Looking Good, Appearance

Elementary level

In this lesson students will practice their listening skills in the context of describing film start. Initially, they are going to be asked to talk about their favorite actor/actress and movie as a lead in. Later on, teacher is going to pre-teach some vocabulary related to the listening audio tracks. Next, students are going to talk about some film stars and their appearances using the words they will have learned. In the listening part, they are going to listen for gist to get the main idea ...



Elementary level

In this lesson, students are going to learn about The London Eye. The lesson starts with some pictures of similar places including a picture of The London Eye. Students are going to practice reading skills in this lesson. They are going to read for specific information. They are going to find the meaning of some words. At the end of the lesson, they are going to design a guidebook for a famous place which is similar to The London Eye.


Ismail Noaman TP#2

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, I'm going to review the use of (going to) for future intentions. I will start the lesson by a memory activity to try and remember the plans of the person in the previous lesson. Then I'm going to ask some CCQs to the students to explain meaning. Then molding some examples and writing them on the board and checking the students answers in the FB. This is followed by a semi-controlled activity to practice the language in context. Then at the end there's a group work activity for...


Internet profiles, Simple Present (I,you,we,they)

Beginner a1 level

In this lesson: Ss will revise the verbs they had taken earlier like (live,work,have,watch,go,play......etc.) . Also they will have a piece of reading which they are going to read and be asked true-false questions about. Finally, they are going to write their own internet profile and speak about it with their partners.
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