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Vocabulary (Adjective, Negative Prefixes)

Intermediate, b2 level

The context in the lesson will introduce the ss to adjectives with negative prefixes. They will find seven adjectives that start with negative prefixes and add them to the table provided. Later on, they will decide which negative prefixes go along with six adjectives provided and put them in the table. This activity is followed by a gap-fill handout which requires to use the negative adjective from exercise 1. Afterward, students will prepare a survey consisting of 10 T/F statements about the...


Talking about an exam result

Intermediate level

Students will learn about If first conditional through guided discovery based on listening to audio about exam results. The session starts with an icebreaker (2 lies and 1 truth). This is followed by a lead-in about exam preparation and waiting for the results. This is followed by listening to the audio and answering some while listening questions. then, Elicitation of the target language and providing an explanation for the first condition. In the end we have a controlled and a freer activity


A film review writing

Intermediate, grade 8, b1-b2 level

In this lesson, students practice writing a film review. This lesson maintains the context from the previous two and picks up on some of the points Ss have discussed. The lesson begins with a discussion about the purpose of a film review. Ss will analyse the layout of a typical film review and look at some useful language. Then Ss practice preparing and writing their own review using a film of their choice. This is followed by peer feedback where Ss will use a checklist to assess if their pe...


Murder/ Mystery

B2 level

In this lesson, students focus on new vocabulary through guided discovery based on the list given as a dictation activity. The lesson starts with revising the vocabulary worked on in the previous lesson. This is followed by the dictation activity of the vocabulary list where students prepare ( in groups ) and read stories about murder/mystery. Finally, there is a free speaking activity about what makes a story interesting or mysterious. The lesson continues with the video of Hitchcock explain...



B2 level

In this lesson Ss learn how to use quantifiers with countable and un countable nouns. The lesson starts with a short entertaining video clip about some of the quantifiers like too many, too much, and so on. It will involve Ss to the topic. Then we do a quick test on Ss previous knowledge on the topic, using fill in the gaps exercise. It will be done by Ss individually followed by a pair check, and finally the answers will be checked through the listening. At this point, Ss might need to be cl...


Writing a book review

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, the learners will practice and write book reviews. Based on the review prepared by the teacher they will have to find the layout of the review (how it is written) and learn some phrases that are useful for writing. Then, they will have to write a review by themselves.


Speaking Lesson: Using Mobile Phones (TP5)

Elementary level

In this speaking lesson, students will be provided with a new vocabulary set and have the opportunity to practice speaking using the target language. The lesson presentation will begin with an introduction to the topic of mobile phones and how they are used in daily life. There will be visual aids on the slides in order to engage the students and elicit a response regarding the content topic of the lesson. This will be followed by preparing the students for their first task, ensuring their un...


Food and Shopping

Beginner level

In this lesson, students study on food containers.The lesson starts with showing students a shopping bag and checking students knowledge on food words with realia. This is followed by pre-teaching vocabulary of food containers with ppt using MPF. After that students are going to do a crossword puzzle including containers words. Later on students are going to read a conversation in shop. Then prepare shopping list. As a freer practice three "shops" will be set up in the classroom and some stu...


Talk about places you visited, simple past tense

Beginners a1i level

In this lesson, the students will talk about the places they have visited.This is followed by a listening activity.The students will have a listening about a trip to London of Alejandro. They will have to do a task where they have to prepare a holiday. The students will talk about it and they will describe their holiday to the rest of the students. Then, the students will choose the best holiday among the described holidays.



Intermediate level

During this lesson ss will get to practice speaking about items with sentimental values. At first through real objects and photos students will get to predict the lesson’s theme then they will get to listen for gist. Following that they will get to do a preparation for speaking task to discover language analysis. Before getting to practice the speaking, Ss will get to write about 3 objects which are important to them and why for at least 10 min. Finally, they will get to practice speaking ...
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