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TP2 Erica Latif

Intermediate level

This lesson is a review of the previous lesson with more examples of giving advice in the context which revolves around dilemmas. The lesson begins by asking Ss if they remember any of the advice Dave gave Derek. Ss are going to look at some more advice from the listening. T will check if Ss know the different verb forms used in giving advice. Next, T elicit some ideas of how to respond to advice. Ss are going to look at some responses Derek gave. Ss will then do Ex 2 and di...



Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice writing in the context of describing their favorite person. The lesson will start with a lead-in task followed by reading a text for content preparation and then language clarification. Then the students will do the productive task. This will be followed by open class feedback and Delayed Error Correction.



Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will increase range of vocabulary used to describe crime and criminals. First, T shares a personal anecdote to set the context of crime. Then, Sts will share any stories they know on the topic of crime in small groups. Following this, students will complete a handout with vocabulary related to crime. Ss try to identify which parts of speech do the taught vocabulary belong to. Ss then try to complete the HO about crime vocabulary in pairs. T will drill whenever needed....


Speaking Lesson 'Office trouble'

B2 - upper intermediate level

This lesson is a speaking lesson in which students will do a free role-play activity. First they will brainstorm on possible office troubles and their solutions. After that, the situation will be explained and the students will be grouped within their prospective roles. Now, they get their role-cards and have time to read their role card and discuss their roles. The teacher will assist the students with prompts to help students undertand their roles. After this preparation time, the student w...


Promoting a Charity Activity

Upper intermediate level

This is an activity focused lesson, in which students are placed into 4 groups and assigned a charity. Each group will act as representatives of the charity, and prepare a presentation for the class on reasons to support their agency.


Present Progressive

A2 level

This lesson plan is prepared as a demo lesson for Turkish American Association.
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