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reading lesson

Intermidiate level

in this lesson, students will identify the kind of reading text. They will know about different places in the world and what made them different from other places in the world. The lesson starts with a discussion about the benefits of traveling and asks them if they had traveled before. through the discussion, they will be able to recognize what makes the place special from another one. They will feel as if they are preparing their luggage and about to go on an imaginary trip across the world...


TP5 - Speaking

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice speaking for fluency in the context of doing something, in this case, traveling on a low budget. The lesson will start with a general discussion about the topic, then students will classify the exponents into dos and don'ts. As preparation, students will be presented with a text containing language they can use later on during the speaking task. After that, learners will work on some GD tasks to clarify MFP. For the speaking task, students will work in...


passive reporting structures

Upperintermediate, b2 level

In this lesson, Ss are focusing on a grammar about passive reporting structures. Before this task, Ss would be prepared through a small listening task and a. they will listen for some specific information in exercise 2,2.29,p.118(straightforward, upper intermediate). then T will clarify the example models extracted from the listening task (MFP) and finally, Ss will have a freer talk and discuss a news story they make.


2b Lives and Legends

Intermediate level

Topic: Lives and Legends In the second teaching lesson students will cover their skills in terms of speaking and listening. As a pre reading task they will learn some key words related to required vocabulary for the lesson in order to assist them to be able to read and listen to the provided text successfully and provide their answers for class discussion to practice their speaking skills.


Demo lesson

A1 beginner/basic - a2 low intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice the receptive skill of reading and the productive skill of speaking. First, T will do an activity to get to know about student's level and to help students feel comfortable in her lesson. Then, in order not to get cold in the text, students will be prepared to it by various activities involving different learning styles. Following this, students will read and understand the information in the article and complete the given activities. In the last part o...


Parler d'un problème

A1 level

in this part of the lesson, the learners will practice talking about or describing common house problems. they will also try to offer solutions. the context has already been set with a listening task in which they listened to three conversations about house problems and solutions. As a result, I will continue the lesson by drawing their attention to the useful expressions and words used in the aforementioned conversations. Then they will use them to complete another dialogue between 2 people...


Talking about people you know

Beginner a1 level

In this lesson we start by introducing Donna`s family. Each family member lives / works in different parts of the world. This is shown with a world map and their pictures on it. This is done as a preparation for the listening practice. Present sipmple positive will be used during the exercise.


TP4 Getting from A to B

Elmentary a1 - a2 level

In this lesson, SS will practice scanning and skimming reading text for various situations and types of transportation throughout a city. Using both questions of ability and the positive/negative of the TL can/can't.


Lesson Plan Family weekend activities

Beginner, a1 level


Listening and Vocabulary Skills

A1-elementary level

In this lesson, students will learn about food vocabulary and some food verbs through guided discovery based on the listening activity in the main course book. The lesson will be initiated with a video based on the photo Ss see on the first page of Unit 5. While watching the video Ss will be provided with a somewhat controlled practice--ticking/checking the food names they hear in the video--. Two board games will be played with two teams. The first game is based on the opening chapter in whi...
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