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Preposition of place lesson

Beginner level

In this lesson students learn about the preposition of places through PPP. The lesson starts with introducing the prepositions by miming. This is followed by an activity where students listen and choose titles for the three paragraphs. There is some controlled practice and a freer practice through reading a text and guessing the room's name and preparing a poster of their new house by using the pictures.


Jorge Chacon 121 Irina IELTS Class 05 Lesson Plan for Developmental Observation 2 2022

Ielts upper-intermediate level


IELTS Academic Listening Section 2

B1-b2 level

This lesson plan is useful in preparing students for the IELTS Listening Section 2. Students will be provided with practice for the sub-skills required to answer these types of tasks.This lesson plan accompanies Cambridge IELTS 11 Academic. It is suitable for students of intermediate level and above.


How are we different?

A1 beginner level

In this lesson, Ss will learn some new basic adjectives, and will use them to describe similarities and differences with people they know, and other Ss. We will first do a mingle to review adjectives the have already learned in other lessons, then during the clarification stage the T will elicit the meaning of the new vocabulary through visuals. For controlled practice, Ss will play adjective Bingo to revise old vocabulary and test their knowledge of the new by choosing the correct antonym. T...


Question Tags

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about "Ouestion Tags" through speaking and listening activities, and guided discovery. The lesson starts with a lead-in by realia which are the classroom and all the objects and people in it e.g. "This classroom is big enough, isn't it?".Then the grammar topic will be taught via guided discovery with a handout prepared by the teacher with the help of the book. The answer key sheet will be delivered. Next, there will be a drilling session in which the teacher wi...


Teaching Practice 2

Preintermediate level

This session is about a receptive skill. In this lesson, the students will listen to a dialogue between a guest and a hotel receptionist then practice sub-skills like gist and detailed specific information within some tasks. The lesson will end with a group discussion relevant to the context.



Sixth-grade / a-class. level

This lesson plan is prepared for practicing reading at 00000 School of Foreign Languages. The target group of the lesson plan is 6th-grade students with an intermediate English language level. The lesson main goal is practicing skimming and scanning. Both the listening and speaking skills are integrated into the lesson.



Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students practice summarising an article about compulsive shopping. The lesson begins with a prediction about the contents of two articles. This is followed by a gist activity for the first article, and a model conversation about the article. Key phrases are extracted from the text and clarified, before student use the second article to prepare for speaking. The lesson focuses on students discussing in pairs their summaries and opinions about the second article and ends with f...


TP5a -- Adjectives of Feelings -- Valdes 6-11

Elementary level

In this lesson, Ss consolidate vocabulary of adjectives to describe feelings in the context of football and practice them in semi-controlled speaking. First ss engage with the context and review/learn key lexis. Then ss practice listening for inference to discern the emotional states of five speakers. Then the ss practice formulating questions about feelings, preparing them for the semi-controlled speaking activity which follows.


TP5 LP_Liana Petrosian

Elementary level

In this lesson Ss learn vocabulary about family members and jobs. They first get some preparation for a speaking part. Then they speak about their family members and their jobs. Finally, Ss get feedback about their speaking.
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