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Speaking Lesson 'Office trouble'

B2 - upper intermediate level

This lesson is a speaking lesson in which students will do a free role-play activity. First they will brainstorm on possible office troubles and their solutions. After that, the situation will be explained and the students will be grouped within their prospective roles. Now, they get their role-cards and have time to read their role card and discuss their roles. The teacher will assist the students with prompts to help students undertand their roles. After this preparation time, the student w...


Present Progressive

A2 level

This lesson plan is prepared as a demo lesson for Turkish American Association.


7B_7G(SecondLesson) Speaking_06102015

B1 level

In this lesson, the SS revise the patterns they learned in the last term through a speaking activity. After the warm-up exercise, the SS work in pairs and the teacher elicits examples of the languages forms (prompts on the SB) from the SS. Then, with different pairs, the SS prepare a dialogue by using the prompts on the SB and then present them to the whole class.
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