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A holiday report

Elementary level

In this lesson students learn about how to write a short report in which they talk about a country they visited in their holidays. they will be using the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> to talk about actions they did during their holidays.


Places around the city

Elementary level

In this lesson the students learn new vocabulary that they can use when talking about different places that exist in a city or near their houses. the lesson starts by setting a context to get the students engaged. then students will do a first test when they are required to match words with pictures. After that comes the part where the teacher familiarizes the students with the target language and prepares them for the second test. Finally, students will do a a semi-controlled practice where...


Vocabulary lesson about food

Elementary a2 level

In this lesson, students will learn about countable and uncountable nouns along with learning words.Some Ss might know the target words in this lesson, some of them might not. It starts with a review of food vocabulary which Ss stored in their mind. Then, T will get Ss engaged to do warm-up activity; preparing a number of anagrams of <b>simple</b> words that are used for food. Then, Ss will match the given words with the pictures. They will be again given a set of pictures and words in order ...


Productive skill (speaking)

Elementary level

In this lesson, - T presents pictures and asks Ss to describe in pairs to elicit some adjectives, and explain appearance and character adjectives. - T pre-teaches some difficult adjectives before Ss start listening to the audio such as (outgoing, good-looking, overweight, etc.), then asks Ss to match up sentences before listening. Finally provides OC feedback. It's followed by useful language stage where Ss have exposure to a model they need for upcoming productive speaking task. - T de...


Campaign Competition

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice the functional language of suggesting ideas and showing reservations through a task-based speaking activity in the context of deciding a marketing campaign for an energy drink in a meeting. Firstly, students will brainstorm on how an effective advertisement should be and they will come up with the reasons how to have an effective advertisement by discussing in their groups. This is followed by eliciting the functional language. Then the teacher will intr...


Teaching Practice 6 - Listening

A2 level

This is a listening lesson within the context of preparing a house-sitter. The idea is to teach some basic home related vocabulary and then listen to a conversation between the home owner and the house-sitter. We will ask the students to react to this listening by using it to answer possible worries that a house-sitter might have.


Time out , Listening

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice the listening skill and solve some questions based on a listening recording about time out in the context of Free in NYC. The lesson starts with some pictures about Istanbul and NYC and clarifying some blocking vocabulary. This is followed by some listening practice ( specific information and listening for details) about the two plans about time out with a limited budget. Finally, the students will practice preparing plans for people visiting their citie...


LP 8 Grammar: Past Perfect Continuous

Lower intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice using the <b>past</b> perfect continuous in the context of answering questions about the plot of the Oscar-winning video short "Joy Story". Students will be asked to produce <b>past</b> perfect continuous sentences to practice for fluency.


Thursday Sep.8.2022 Speaking

English 11 level

In this lesson, students will be introduced to the procedure of a speaking class, introduce themselves and speak about important things in their lives.


Writing Lesson

Pre-intermediate a2/b1 level

In this lesson, students will practice their writing skills by writing a text about a trip that they have made. The lesson starts with a discussion about the places they have visited and what they enjoyed about them. Then, students are going to read a Model text about a trip to London. Next, students will identify the Layout by matching the paragraphs to the information that they present. After clarifying MF of the TL (linkers: so, because, then and but), students will have a brainstorm to sh...
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