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Teaching practice 4 Main aim: Reading

Intermediate level

The lesson will begin will an assortment of pictures of advertisements as I elicit the subject of advertising to students. Followed by asking how many of the students have children and putting them into groups trying to ensure each group contains someone who has a child. Students will then be presented with some products that are often linked with children and asked to think about when they have seen some of these advertisements and how they appeal to children. They will discuss this in group...


Teaching Practice 6 (Reading)

Beginner level

In this lesson, students are going to learn some adjectives and vocabulary in the beginning which will be helpful for them to be prepared for a reading lesson. Then there will be some exercises about "was/were/wasn't/weren't" which the students have learnt recently.



Beginners - a1 level level

In this lesson, students learn about occupations through listening activities, repitition drills, pair works, a mime contest, and a worksheet prepared to evaluate their knowledge of vocabulary, indefinite articles and plural forms of nouns.


Teaching Practice 6 - Listening

A2 level

This is a listening lesson within the context of preparing a house-sitter. The idea is to teach some basic home related vocabulary and then listen to a conversation between the home owner and the house-sitter. We will ask the students to react to this listening by using it to answer possible worries that a house-sitter might have.


Teaching Practice 4 (Vocabulary)

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will study lexis in the context of recruitment. They are going to prepare a sample CV and place the new vocabulary in the related parts. They are also going to study pronounciation of e-mail and website addresses with the help of the audio file that they are going to listen. And then, they are going to have a chance to practise the new pronounciations of the addresses with their pairs in a back to back activity.


Relationships lesson,Dynamic and stative meanings

Intermediate level

The lesson starts with two prepared questions written on the WB and they are expected to answer those questions. They will be given two handouts two read. In this lesson, sts discuss about stative and dynamic verbs.


Demo lesson

A1 beginner/basic - a2 low intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice the receptive skill of reading and the productive skill of speaking. First, T will do an activity to get to know about student's level and to help students feel comfortable in her lesson. Then, in order not to get cold in the text, students will be prepared to it by various activities involving different learning styles. Following this, students will read and understand the information in the article and complete the given activities. In the last part o...


Teaching Practice 4

Elementary level

This lesson is prepared to be a receptive skills lesson. In this lesson, the students will be encouraged to listen to the particular texts for gist listening and detailed listening. Also, the students will be exposed to the topic of functional language through the context of showing interest. Furthermore, through the end of the lesson the students will be encouraged to use the target language with provided speaking activities


Tense review in grammar and speaking

Life style, int, pearson, 2010 level

In this lesson, Sts review tenses. T shows some pictures and asks Sts to guess her jobs, plans, and activities and write the correct sentences on the board and underlines keywords for them. Afterwards, sts should do the same in pairs by writing the key words of their jobs and guessing about each other. This is followed by clarifying the tense of the sentences of Exe 8 on the board and their verb forms on the wall in groups. Having prepared sts for different tense, T begins the main aim in spe...


Teaching Practice 2

Global elementary level

In this lesson, students will be introduced to vocabulary about countries and nationalities. They will be provided with activities that have visual aids to help them use and remember the vocabulary in preparation for the main part of the lesson which will focus on their listening skills. Lesson will end with a speaking activity.
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