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TP6- Amazing Journeys

A1 (beginner) level

In this lesson, students will be exposed to <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> with an article about two English women who who travelled from Thailand to the UK in a tuk-tuk. Students will be provided with some vocab. about transport via flashcards to be able to identify them within the activities and to use them in their sentences during the lesson. They will write about their own experiences as a final activity.


Teaching Practice 8

Upper intermediate level

This lesson will practice a receptive skill of speaking in the context of Rights and Freedom. Students will review useful language to prepare them for the task and will be provided with a number of controversial statements to discuss and debate on.


Teaching Practice 3

Elementary level

This lesson's primary focus will center around the receptive skill of listening. This skill will be taught in the context of Evenings and Weekends, with the sub-aim of teaching specific vocabulary to describe possible activities and prepare Ss for the listening exercise.


TP4a -- Writing -- Valdes 6-6

B2 - upper intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss practice writing opinion paragraphs about the future in the context of optimism or pessimism. The lesson is broadly divided in two stages: 1) activities that promote preparation and 2) authentic output. Ss consolidate idiomatic time-phrases related to the future through semi-controlled speaking practice then write opinion paragraphs, which they share with their peers at the end. They raise their awareness of some features of the writing process.


TP: 5A

Intermediate level: b1 level

The lesson's primary focus will be upon teaching grammar specific to the passive voice especially in the news articles to prepare students for the writing and speaking activities.
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