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Adverbs of Frequency and Time Expressions

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, ss practice adverbs of frequency and time expressions through reading, listening and speaking. The lesson starts with my personal story about “The Six Degrees of Separation Theory” to warm-up ss for the listening part. In pairs, ss will try to guess the connection between the names written on the WB. Then, the correct connections will be told. In the first stage, ss will listen for gist. They will draw links between the people who are connected. In the second stage, ss wi...


Tuğba Kaya, Grammar-Speaking

Intermediate, b1 level

In this lesson, the students learn the meaning, form and pronunciation of passive voice in the context of TV series and practise speaking for accuracy by using passive voice. The lesson starts with talking about the text about Highclere Castle which the students read in the previous lesson. The teacher uses this text as a context for the grammatical structure, passive voice. The teacher takes three sample sentences from the text, each of which is in different tense, and elicits the meaning of...


The truth about air travel

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson , students will practice and review narrative tenses through a context related to air travel and airplanes . The lesson will start with a text from which students will extract the TL and see how it is used before they do a controlled practice exercise.Then , students will have pronunciation practice focused on the <b>past</b> participles of verbs and students will get to see different phonetic symbols in this pronunciation exercise.


Teacher Practice 2

Elementary level

In this lesson the students will learn affirmative form of <b>simple</b> present. The lesson starts with a WC quick warmer. T follow this up with a pre teaching grammar activity in which she presents the meaning of verb. Later grammar teaching comes. Ss will study V1 and Vs in pairs with the help of Teacher's Vs demonstration. Pronounciation of different verbs with -s will come after grammar teaching and spoken practice will be the follow up activity and here they will practice how to use V...


Grammar lesson

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to be introduced to grammar, specifically, to the difference between the <b>past</b> perfect <b>simple</b> and continuous through a text then some examples. After that, they are going to do some pronunciation practices focusing on irregular verb forms.


TP - 8 Great India

Beginner level

In this lesson, the sts will learn about the auxiliary verb "did" to make questions in the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> in the context of holiday in India. The sts will practice Yes/No questions and Wh- questions. T will show photos and elicit the questions in the <b>past</b> from the sts. In the speaking stage , The sts will interview about their last holiday and T will finish the lesson by giving error correction.


Assessed TP 1

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will be focussing on grammar. They will be practising the present continuous and the future (form of the verb 'be' + going to + the infinitive of the verb). Students will firstly complete an exercise which involves rearranging words which are in the wrong order into interrogatives. Then they will be asking each other those questions in pairs. This is then followed by an exercise in which they imagine they are the mayor and can change things about their town to make it ...


Past Simple and its common time expressions

A1, beginner level

In this lesson, students learn about the construction of the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> tense in English and they will be able to make correct sentences via common time expressions. Postcards will also be introduced.


Simple past tense for negative,affirmative and interrogative sentences

Pre-intermediate level

The lesson starts with identfying students abour their knowledge about school life.After that,they will do listening activity which will be followed with the matching exercise.Ss will be asked to analyse the verb forms with a guided-discovery approach .It will continue with the grammar part where they will write the <b>past</b> forms of the verbs and play a game about <b>past</b> forms of the verbs.After,they will complete the dialogue.


Teacher practice 5

Intermediate level

In this lesson the students will elicit some forms of passive voice in the context of News. The lesson will start with the questions of ' Do you watch the news and What kinds of news do you watch?. Later will discuss in groups and speak about the latest news in the world. After that I will let a student from each group to come and write one of their ideas on the WB. I will some questions like 'Which country did win the world cup?' to give some clues about the topic of a short reading passage ...
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