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Lesson Plan Tp7

Elementary level


Nightmare Jobs

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be discussing and reading about nightmare jobs.


Teaching Practice 8

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about writing an instructional text based on a model ( a reading text ) from a website ( ). The lesson starts with a discussion about happy childhood memories. This is followed by a model of the task and then students doing the task. Later, there is a planning stage where students get prepared to report to the whole class, and then share their writings. Finally there is a language focus in which students exa...



Elementary a1 level

This lesson is a vocabulary lesson focused around travel for holiday. The students will listen to dialogues and read to interact with the TL.



Intermediate level


Beno, 20 July 2017, TP7 a

Beginners, a1 level

In this lesson students will be introduced to new vocabulary and how to use it. Then the students will prepare to use the vocabulary in a speaking task to each other.


Daily Life - Part 1

Elementary level

In this lesson, students are introduced to vocabulary about daily life, in preparation for a reading lesson about the daily routine of a professional actor.


Ahmad Sharifi, Past Perfect

Intermediate, b1 level

In this lesson, students learn about <b>past</b> perfect based on a story T has prepared. The lesson starts with a story that T will describe orally. T will then draw Ss' attention to the TL, which has been underlined. This is followed by elicitation of the rules from the Ss and then guided and controlled practices. Finally, T will ask Ss to write about their own terrible or good day they can remember.


Teaching Practice 7

Beginner- a1 level

In this lesson, students will learn about like, love, hate and also writing a personal profile using them. The lesson starts with warm-up about like,love and hate and it is followed by reading and answering questions about teacher's profile( as a controlled activity). And then, they will fill in the gaps in other profile which was prepared by teacher in advance(semi controlled). Finally, they will create their own profile and we will discuss which one is the best and why as a freer activity.


At the Airport: Checking In

A1-a2 level

In this lesson, the students will be learning how to interact with the airport agent at the check-in counter. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to read the prepared dialogue and edit the dialogue for their own recitation.
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