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Tense review in grammar and speaking

Life style, int, pearson, 2010 level

In this lesson, Sts review tenses. T shows some pictures and asks Sts to guess her jobs, plans, and activities and write the correct sentences on the board and underlines keywords for them. Afterwards, sts should do the same in pairs by writing the key words of their jobs and guessing about each other. This is followed by clarifying the tense of the sentences of Exe 8 on the board and their verb forms on the wall in groups. Having prepared sts for different tense, T begins the main aim in spe...


Teaching Practice 2

Global elementary level

In this lesson, students will be introduced to vocabulary about countries and nationalities. They will be provided with activities that have visual aids to help them use and remember the vocabulary in preparation for the main part of the lesson which will focus on their listening skills. Lesson will end with a speaking activity.



Beginners level


Teaching Practice 6b

Pre-intermediate level

This lesson intends to practise Ss' listening skills - both listening for gist and listening for specific information in the context of love songs. *** The lead-in will use a visualisation approach to set the context, engage Ss in lesson and encourage them to use their imagination in preparation for the activities to follow. *** Ss will be introduced to key vocabulary to help their understanding of the text through flashcards and mime *** In stage 2 of the lesson Ss will work in pairs, pr...


Russ TP 2

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, the students are going to focus on writing and some vocabulary through practice. The lesson focus is on being optimistic. The lesson will be designed to concentrate mostly on writing. The students will have a writing preparation stage, writing exercise followed by peer-to-peer reviews. In addition, there will be a tie-ın of the previous two lessons. These activities will help close part three of Unit 1: Alive and Well.


TP 7 - A terrible journey

Intermediate level

In this lesson SS will brainstorm ideas and language related to the topic. They will then do tasks to active their top-down processing in preparation for listening to a recording of a woman talk about a terrible journey she had by plane. Ss will then repeat the story using pictures to help them and then share their own personal travel stories.


TP6- Amazing Journeys

A1 (beginner) level

In this lesson, students will be exposed to <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> with an article about two English women who who travelled from Thailand to the UK in a tuk-tuk. Students will be provided with some vocab. about transport via flashcards to be able to identify them within the activities and to use them in their sentences during the lesson. They will write about their own experiences as a final activity.


Teaching Practice 8

Upper intermediate level

This lesson will practice a receptive skill of speaking in the context of Rights and Freedom. Students will review useful language to prepare them for the task and will be provided with a number of controversial statements to discuss and debate on.


Teaching Practice 3

Elementary level

This lesson's primary focus will center around the receptive skill of listening. This skill will be taught in the context of Evenings and Weekends, with the sub-aim of teaching specific vocabulary to describe possible activities and prepare Ss for the listening exercise.


TP4a -- Writing -- Valdes 6-6

B2 - upper intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss practice writing opinion paragraphs about the future in the context of optimism or pessimism. The lesson is broadly divided in two stages: 1) activities that promote preparation and 2) authentic output. Ss consolidate idiomatic time-phrases related to the future through semi-controlled speaking practice then write opinion paragraphs, which they share with their peers at the end. They raise their awareness of some features of the writing process.
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