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Wedding invitation

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will learn how to write a wedding invitation and how to respond to it.


Facts and Figures

Elementary level

In this lesson the students learn about website and email addresses through listening and speaking activities. The lesson starts with a lead in and continues with a dictation exercise of websites and email addresses and the teacher going over the symbols used in writing them. The first listening activities focuses on listening for the gist while the second listening requires students to listen for specific information in order to fill out a form. The lesson is rounded up with a short speaking...


Writing a Cover Letter

Upper intermediate level

Introducing how to write a cover letter (either as a physical letter or an email)


Writing Simple E-mail

Adult new immigrants at clb 4 level

In this class, students will be taught the structure of a standard E-mail at the beginning of the class. Students will write an E-mail in class after the introduction of the E-mail template to practice. They will be asked to send an E-mail to the teacher as homework so that the teacher can follow up with the result. This series of activities should be at the beginning of the school semester so that students can adopt the E-mail culture in Canada. Moreover, after this class, if they have quest...


It's a Dog's Life

Beginner level

This lesson will cover speaking in the context of lifestyles, reading texts about dogs and their jobs, practicing vocabulary (technology words), practicing present <b>simple</b> grammar questions with short answers, and functional language skills (saying emails and website URLs).


Reading Lesson / An email to a hotel

Elementary level level

In this lesson, the students will read a letter about a hotel . This is a mail to a hotel and they will focus on reading skill and in this way, they will do the related questions about the letter to practice their understanding. After that, they will have a 'fill in the blanks 'type exercise. Then they will learn some phrases how to write a letter to somewhere else .After that, they will write short <b>simple</b> paragraph including this information. They do this activity with their partner ....


formal email

Elementary level

in this session the teacher starts the class by asking the students this question: what is a formal Email \ letter? then the teacher teaches some usual used vocabs and phrases and tells them about some frequently used grammars than puts an actual formal letter and than explains the different parts of it separated by constantly asking them CCQ such as : could u give me an example ? or what is the best phrase to use in this part ? afterwards as a free practice they will write down a short form...


Finding an E-mail Friend

Elementary level

In this lesson, students write an e-mail to a website to find an e-mail friend for themselves, but before that stage they get to see a model and they discuss the best match for that post by looking at some other people's emails. Then the WC brainstorms about what else should be added to a post that aims to find an e-mail friend. Finally, they write their own e-mails to find their own e-mail friends. At the end, they put their e-mails on the walls of the classroom, and the Ss. decide which per...


Introducing a friend

Elemantary level

This lesson will teach students how to introduce a friend. After exhibiting a photo of her friend, the teacher asks students to guess her name, age, origin, and employment. Next, the teacher gives her best friend's information. During the lesson, students match answers with questions, fill in email blanks, and complete friend notes. They also do peer check and get teacher feedback. Finally, using the material from prior activities, students write a pharagraph to introduce a friend while the t...


Teaching Practice 2 - edited

Beginners level

In this lesson, students will practice vocabulary and writing on the topic of travelling. They will learn the use of 'to be' in plural, positive and negative. They will do a reading task, starting with prediction, gist reading and reading for specific information. This will be followed by writing task on the same topic.
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