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Listening and grammar

Elementary level

In this lessons, student learn both listening and grammar. First of all look at the picture of listening part. Talk about them. play the audio for the first time. Ask <b>simple</b> question from that. Then, play it for second time. After that do the exercises. Next, write sentences from the listening part and teach grammar. clarify the time and grammar for the student . come back to the listening part. And do another exercises.


TP2 - Past continous tense

Pre intermediate level

In this lesson students will learn how to use <b>past</b> progressive tense, this lesson is based on grammar, the context of the lesson is same as the lesson before this. Students will learn the meaning of the <b>past</b> progressive tense and use it in speaking activity with their peers. Students will also work on Pronunciation <b>past</b> progressive tense. The lesson will start with the review of the <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> tense with the example sentence from the context which will ...


Conversation demo

Intermideate level

In this lesson,Students will learn some vocabulary and <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> while listening to a conversation about a car accident.The lesson will start by asking some questions such as 1- Have you ever experienced a car accident? 2- How did it happen? Then I will show them the picture about different kinds of car accident and talk about them.After that I will play a clip in order to use the new words.Then I will start to teach the conversation by describing the picture. actually st...


TP 5b (wednesday)

Elementary level

In this skills lesson which focuses on the receptive skill reading, students will improve their reading skills by reading for gist and reading for detail. The lesson starts with introducing the topic of fishing by showing a short video and introducing vocabulary and continues by showing a picture of the story "The Businessman and the Fisherman", where ss give a prediction about the topic of the text. This is followed by a gist reading task and then a reading for detail part. The lesson ends w...
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