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Holidays - Vocabulary and Grammar Past Simple: regular and irregular verbs

Pre- intermediate level b1 level

This lesson will continue with the same general context of the previous lesson and provide opportunities for Ss to practice vocabulary and grammar using the topic of 'holidays'.It provides more supporting vocabulary.



A2 level

In this lesson students learn about "<b>past</b> <b>simple</b> was/were" through guided discovery. The lesson's context is established in the previous lesson and is about travelling. The students continue with some controlled practices and then there will be a discussion as a freer practice about students' own <b>past</b>.



Upper intermediate level


Past Simple- WH questions (review)

Elementary, a1/a2 level

In this lesson, students review <b>Past</b> <b>Simple</b> WH questions focusing on the exercise about Bill's life in the <b>past</b>. Then the lesson continues with controlled practice via matching the question word with a relevant answer and listening exercise about <b>past</b> activities which will improve their receptive skill. Later they also experience free practice via speaking activities which will develop their productive skill.


TP6: Celeberations

Elementary level

In this lesson, Sts are going to review and practice the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> irregular verbs. The lesson will begin with a personal anecdote of the teacher and it continues with guided discovery tasks. Finally the students will practice the TL through controlled and freer activities.


Past simple 1

Elementary level

In this lesson, the students are going to learn about <b>past</b> starts with a lead in part and continues with some practices and exposure then it ends with a production part.


TP 2 October 13th, 2018 Ela Funda Yegen Koumpos

Pre-intermediate level

This lesson continues with a similar context (holidays) to the previous lesson and continues the story started in the reading, but changes the focus to grammar.


regular past simple

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson students learn to used regular <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and talk about their <b>past</b>. The lesson starts with a matching activity for learning vocabulary. Then it is continued with controlled practice activities. Finally, learners make sentences and talk about their <b>past</b>.


Dates to Remember, Time Expressions

Elementary level

In this lesson, based on my main aim (grammar) students are going to learn and practice prepositions and -wh questions with the <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> tense. Initially, they are going to see a power point which is about a day of mine in Venice and hear some time expressions and prepositions along with the pictures. After that, they are going to learn how and when to use time expressions supported with a short reading text named "my sister" and matching activities about the time expressions...


Present perfect with for and since

Pre-intermediate level

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