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CELTA TP6 Writing - 7 August 2020

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students learn how to write a short email (75-100 words) inviting friends (in another country) to visit them.


Writing in the classroom

Advanced level

In this session the trainees will get familiar with different kinds of writing and teaching the skill of writing. The session will start by discussing the opinions of several practicing teachers about writing, then trainees will discuss formal and informal email writing. Then they will discuss how to plan classroom writing work and how sample texts can help students to start their own ones. Then they will be given a sample of a written report and will be asked to give each section a hea...


Call the doctor? - Reading and Writing (emails)

B2 - upper intermediate level

In this lesson, SS will practice the productive skills of reading and writing informal emails, in the context of catching up and sharing news about their personal health. SS will utilise vocabulary and grammar learned in the previous lessons, in the receptive skill practice of reading for gist as well as for greater detail.


TP 6_Lesson Plan_ Yesenia Venegas

Pre-intermediate level

This lesson is for students to practice writing an email to a friend. Students will be introduced to an email written to a friend on google forms. They will be given several topics they can use when writing to a friend and choose one. Once the email is complete they will read it to their peers. The teacher will be giving feedback at the end of class, going over what was used correctly, and going over incorrect language.


Writing an email and present continuous

Upper secondary 3 level

In this lesson, students will review present continuous and be going to for future. They will also practice writing an informal email. A few pictures on different modes of transport are displayed. Class discuss on the same. Then Ss are given an example of a email. They are given few sentences and are asked to fill in the gaps and put them in order. Next Ss write an email using present continuous and be going to for future. A few pictures of different holiday/ weekend spots in London are dis...



Upper-intermediate level

In this class students will look at a sample of an email to a company by someone interested in an available position with them. After analyzing the structure of the email and clarifying certain language, students will write their own emails to a company they are interested in working for.


TP 8

Intermediate level

In this lesson, SS will practice writing emails. The lesson starts with a discussion about advantages of using emails. This is followed by viewing a model. Then, there is a writing practice in which SS produce their own emails. Finally, there is a Feedback stage in which SS review each other's emails, correct any mistakes, and decides which one is the warmest.


TP5 Writing an email

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson student will practice writing an email to arrange a trip. They will read an example email, understand how request forms work and use them in their email.



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students practice their writing skills as they write an email inviting friends to come to their party. Students then read and respond to each other's emails.


How to write an email

Elementary level

In this lesson , students will learn the email components and how to write an email.
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