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Films lesson, Reading and Speaking Lesson

A1/a2 level

In this lesson, students play a brief game of 20 questions to guess the name of a famous actor. Students then make predictions about where the majority of films come from and skim the reading to see if their predictions were correct. Students read the text again to answer true/false questions about details. After finishing the activity, students learn about vocabulary for talking about going to the cinema. The lesson finishes with students planning a trip to the cinema with a partner, using ...


All Around The Places / World - Speaking

Intermediate level

In this lesson students improve their fluency skills through speaking. The lesson starts with picture analysing which was used as a warm up/lead in activity. Then students will be asked to brainstorm about travel and journey after watching a short video. Next they will make list about their hometown, and give information about these places. The lesson is followed by match / order activity which help the students revise the context related vocabulary. After a short discussion, students will pu...
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