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Grammar 3rd conditional

Intermediate b1 - b2 level

In this lesson, SS learn about the 3rd conditional through PPP based on a reading text about The Dice Man. T will present the lesson with a brief discussion about making hard decision to set the context. SS will answer a few questions in the pre-reading to get the gist. T will expose the SS to the TL with a matching exercise of the 3rd conditional. Finally, SS will produce the TL by completing this activity to prepare for the freer speaking activity in the end.



Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, the students will practice reading skills and receptive skills in the context of heartwarming stories the teacher will first do the lead in by showing the students a touching picture in order to elicit from them the adjective heartwarming the follow up with some pre vocabulary and by now the teacher can help the students with more exposure by showing the students headlines and pictures from the texts so that they can predict and fully grasp the context. In the second step, the...


TP3 CELTA Istanbul 2016.09.27

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practice speaking, specifically, story-telling. Students will be divided into two groups. Each group will read one newspaper article about a flight. After reading, they will tell each other (PW) the story as if they were on the flight. The teacher will introduce the functional sentence for story telling. In the second exercise, each student will prepare an anecdote to tell. They will be given enough time to prepare and use the grammar learned in the last lesson a...



Upper level

In this lesson the students will practice using the vocabulary common in adverts as well as making polite enquiries. To start the students will discuss adverts and match vocabulary, and in the second part practice speaking through prepared discussion topic cards.


Food ,Reading

Beginners , b1 level

In this lesson the Ss focus on reading skill through food context.I'm going to ask Ss about their favourite food and point to different pics of food by projector ,quickly ,for 1 or 2 mins . Then I 'm going to prepare some exercises for comprehension of the text as much as possible . We have Gap-Fill,Gallery reading , matching exercises for this reason.And in pro-reading they will have a free discussion ,they'll talk about their own life .


ELA LP 9/7

5th grade writing routines level

Student's will learn and practice the daily routines of preparing their learning space rapidly and efficiently in order to allow time for the lessons. The daily routines will be: - Placing belongings away - Clearing work space and preparing lesson materials. - Sitting with hands folded showing readiness. - Organizing Reading/Writing notebooks, folders, binders, homework books.


Vague language in informal conversations

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students practise using vague language in the context of an informal conversation about childhood and growing up. The lesson will start with a short lead-in activity in which students share what they wanted to be when they were growing up, and whether their adult professions are anything like their childhood aspirations. This will be followed by a content preparation task in which students brainstorm topics of conversation relating to childhood and growing up. Language prepara...


Charity and Homelessness

Intermediate to upper-intermediate, prep speaking level

In this lesson Ss will informally discuss the issues of begging and homelessness, pertaining to the current situation in Turkey and specifically concerning the Syrian refugee crisis. This will lead into a conversation about charity and how Ss can actively get involved in charitable acts, organizations, donations, etc. Two pre-reading tasks will prepare Ss for multiple discussions on homelessness and how individuals--and the Government--should respond to the problem of begging and the homele...


TP4 Carlos Marquez

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will introduce and practice articles with a number of tests. The first test will be introduce so i can see the general idea they have of the topic. Later, i will teach the difference between each article. (i.e an, a, the, and no articles). Finally a final exam for them to put the learning in practice.


food tips, Quantifires

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn to talk about food using quantifier students will be asked to guess the topic through some pictures . to prepare them for listening activity, a set of card will be given to each pair to match the food problem and the tips. After listening to the audio and giving feedback, students will skim the matched paper to see whether these tips are related to kitchen, food preparation and so on. To link the listening stage to grammar, students will discuss the most i...
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