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Past Continuous in contrast with Simple Past

Pre-intermediate, a2+ level

In this lesson, Ss will practice and review <b>past</b> continuous through a reading text and then compare it with <b>past</b> <b>simple</b>. Ss read for gist and elicit the TL "<b>Past</b> Continuous" through the reading context.


past simple and past continuous

Intermadiate level

in this lesson, Ss will learn about the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and <b>past</b> continuous through a story using <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and <b>past</b> continuous. I will start the lesson by asking Ss about the happiest events happened last weekend and what they were doing during it. I will elicit the difference between the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and <b>past</b> continuous.I will check the meaning, form and the pronunciation of both tenses. Then Ss will practice writing four events h...


Past Continuous Tense

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will learn and practiced the <b>past</b> continuous tense in the context of working at schools. They should also be able to use it in their speaking, so we will practice that.


Create and Inspire - past simple and past continuous

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be learning about the <b>past</b> continuous and <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> tense through the context of music. The first lesson will therefore start with a short discussion about different types of music and how they can be described using adjectives. Students will then be do a short matching exercise from the book followed by a teacher-made Guided Discovery Task. Once the grammar points are clarified in terms of meaning, form and pronunciation, students will mov...


Past Continuous - Grammar & Listening

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss learn the <b>past</b> continuous tense.The lesson is based on grammar and listening. Ss learn the meaning and the form of the <b>past</b> continuous tense and use it in listening activity with.


TP7 - Grammar

Upper-intermediate level

To introduce and practice using <b>past</b> <b>simple</b>, <b>past</b> continuous and <b>past</b> perfect continuous tenses in the context of <b>past</b> events.


Art and Music - Grammar

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn about the <b>past</b> continuous tense through the topic of Art, and through speaking activities. The students will begin with a warm-up where they will need to speak in pairs about a time when they did something cultural. We will refer back to the text that they read in the previous lesson to find examples of the <b>past</b> continuous, and they will speak in pairs to complete the sentences. After learning the grammar, if we have time, students will test t...



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss learn <b>past</b> continuous tense in the form of positive, negative and question, they learn to show an ongoing <b>past</b> action happening at a specific moment of interruption and then practice speaking based on <b>past</b> continuous


Teaching practice 3

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will focus on narrative tenses. Initially, <b>Past</b> Perfect Continuous was the target language. But according to the group level and skills and the absence of <b>past</b> perfect continuous usage in the Textbook, the lesson will be more centred on the integration between <b>Past</b> <b>Simple</b>, <b>Past</b> Continuous and <b>Past</b> Prefect in terms of narrating. Students will also practice their reading for gist and speaking skills.


Narrative tense: Past simple, past continuous and pat perfect

Upper intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson, students are going to learn about narrative tenses: <b>past</b> <b>simple</b>, <b>past</b> continuous and <b>past</b> perfect based on a reading text about "performance art"
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