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Teaching practice 2b

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson the students are going to practice receptive skills (listening).The unfamiliar vocabulary will be provided. The students will listen to 4 people talk about mysterious experiences they had. First they are going to listen for gist,than they are going to listen for details. After listening the students are going to answer the questions. After the listening part we are going to practice use of fillers and repetition in speaking. The students are going to complite Language Focus ex,...


vacation and traveling

Intermediate level

In this lesson, SS are going to talk about where do they like to travel and why? Then they are going to learn new vocabularies and after that they are going to read a reading about Corsica island, they have to find the main idea of the reading and because it's a persuasive reading, they have to find three reasons in the text that persuades others to travel to Corsica. After becoming familiar with the structure, SS are going to do an exercise about themselves and then they are going to write a...


Murder Mysteries, Listening, Question tags

Intermediate, b1 level

In this lesson, T is going to tell a story about an unsolved mystery as a lead in. Then Ss are going to listen the first part of an interview about the suspects for this mystery and complete the information about the suspects then they are going to listen the second part of the interview about the suspcts and they are going to mark the sentences T or F. Then T will present the grammar structure, question tags, through examples taken from the interview. The are going to listen the sentences an...


Donia, Teaching Practice 8

Elementary (a1) level

In this lesson, students are going to learn about "be going to" for future plans. The lesson starts with a task which they have to remember what was people's new year's resolution from the previous lesson. Then, they get the listening's transcript and they have to find all of the sentences with "be going to". They check their answers in pairs and the teacher gets feedback. The students get a handout which they have to complete some rules and a table about "be going to" by looking at the sente...


Folktales and Storytelling

Intermediate level

Ss are going to read a Korean folktale after some vocabulary is given. They are going to be asked to choose choose the best title and find specific informations in the text. Afterwards, the gist is going to be discussed. With the help of the given text, they are going to see the function of linking words. As the last exercise of the lesson, T is going to give each desk 2 sets of pictures including 6 pieces and ask Ss to put these pictures in order to create a meaningful story and then discuss.


Lesson Plan 2: Going Solo

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will be practicing their reading and listening skills. The lesson will be taught in the context of Matt McKay, the lead singer of the band Ozone, and his decision to go solo, The intro will have students discuss well known bands here in Turkey. Part 2 is a reading exercise where I will go over the questions beforehand. Part 3 is a listening exercise where students will answer a set of questions after. Part 4 of the lesson has students matching verbs to phrases. Part 5 ...


simple past,irregular and regular verb

B2 level

In this lesson students are going to learn about <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and they become familiar with irregular and regular verb. At first I am going to warm up for minutes and I'm going to describe what I'm going to do at second I ask some question about their <b>past</b> event after that I work on some verbs and talk about differences and I'm going to work on some questions which they should work in pairs at the end I'm going to play a game with them to make a story



Elementary level

In this lesson students learn how to use the structure going to through the analysis of the sentences and in the context of reading. The lesson starts with a mime game, which will give the context to language focus, then there is some controlled practice and personalized speaking activity. Later there is a short reading activity, which will allow the students to learn about wh- going to question structure, followed by 'Find someone who' activity. Finally there will be a game based on what the...


unreal past- third conditional

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson students are going to read a text and then they are going to elicit the language then they are going to work on reading a little bit. after that they are going to do writing exercises based on the language.


Future with be going to;indirect objects

A2/intermediate level

In this lesson,students learn about future be going to and indirect objects. They are going to learn about the usage of be going to,and do some practices related to structure and finally use it in speaking. And they also going to learn what are indirect objects and their pronouns. lesson will start with a discussion about a plan of buying a birthday gift and after the discussion explaining the grammar will start.
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