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Verbs with back and quick decisions

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, sts practise and learn some verbs with "back" through a fill-in-the-blanks-type of exercise. The class starts with my writing on the board. This is followed by a so-called conversation with my mother on the phone, which includes the same verbs with back in the upcoming exercise. Then we begin the next one, which is about decisions, offers, and promises. Unlike the first exercise, it won't be a controlled one since the answers may vary according to their thoughts.


Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP6

Pre-intermediate level

in this lesson students will be reading a reading and they will get familiar with some vocabularies meanings, too. We will be discussing all of these under the context of social networking.


Louza El Khodary Made in Egypt

Pre-intermediate level

in this lesson, the students will practise reading in the context of made in Egypt This lesson will start with the lead in stage. In this stage, teacher stimulates interest and activates schemata.Teacher uses CCQs to elicit answers.T. asks them to tell him / her what they know about some Egyptian inventions now or in the <b>past</b> and what things were made in Egypt. Teacher asks the students if they know of any Egyptian inventions. The next stage is the teacher pre-teaches some vocabul...


Teaching Practice 5: Listening & Lexis

Elementary level

In this lesson, the Ss are going to remember the places they have in their environment, neighborhood, city. The lesson begins with a revision of related vocabulary. This is followed by the listening part, about different people from different cities, talking of their surroundings.



Intermediate level

In this lesson students are going to get familiar with some vocabularies related to law and they will do some vocabulary exercises on the page 82 of the book. The main aim is the reading in this lesson which the students will do it after the vocabulary part. There are three exercises on the page which they will do it in this session.


People who have changed the world

Got it 2d level

In this lesson students will become familiar with relative pronouns through reading a text about Tim Berners lee the person who invented The World Wide Web (WWW). The lesson will start with showing students some inventions and their inventors and students are going to have conversion about these invention, their importance and the changes that they brought into their lives.


Teaching Practice 1 (TP1)

Beginner level

In this lesson, the students are going to review their ABCs and then spell their names to each other. We will learn new vocabulary words, using basic things that we have in the room, in our bags, etc. Students will practice using articles (a,an)


life lesson ,reading and vocabulary

Elementary level

In this lesson, students learn about some vocabulary and phrases about village, town or city through pictures and reading. this lesson states with showing pictures that are related to the phrases and having a discussion about what they have got in their city or town and what they don't have. finally, they go through the reading and explain the picture of that text then they should express their idea to his/her partners.


Healthy diet

Beginner level

Students are going to write about a healthy diet using the related words and expressions


Integrated Receptive skills

Elementary level

The main aim of this lesson is to work on the students receptive skills of listening primarily. The students will be learning about The CouchSurfing Project. They will be shown the logo first and asked if they know anything about it then they will read the definition of CouchSurfing. Then the CouchSurfing website will be shown briefly.They will then discuss some questions about CouchSurfing in pairs and go on to listening to an audio and reading simultaneously about the project and check if t...
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