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Teaching Practice 2

Global/ workbook/ upper- intermediate level

In this lesson students are going to work on their reading and writing skills. This lesson includes more personalized task. Ss are going to work on gist reading and scanning the text given to them in order to fulfill the tasks and then by writing a letter or an email according to the lesson they will be using whatever they have learned during the lesson.


James Cook

Intermediate level



Pre intermediate a2 level

In this lesson the students the students will focus on developing their writing skills in the area filling out an online form for booking a holiday. This can be a difficult task to understand for some students but it is important to understand that methods like this are becoming a normal method to organise or purchase items "online".


Demo Lesson 02/05/13

B1 level

This lesson addresses how functional, grammatical and verbal formals are altered by register in English, in the context of writing a formal (business-type) email or letter. The focus is on standard forms of address and closure, differing general forms of language use in formal v informal contexts, and on some specific verbs which have a common 'spoken' form and a more formal equivalent/synonym which is generally only used in a written context and is likely to be unfamiliar to many of them.


Travel lesson, Present Perfect & Past simple

Pre-intermediate (adults) level

In this lesson, students learn about present perfect through sharing their life and travel experiences. The lesson starts with a silent video about traveling. The lesson consists of 4 skills and 2 sub-skills.



Elementary level

Students will continue on from their last lesson, and learn about travel and couchsurfing.They will do 2 listening exercises and some more creative tasks to follow on from this.


BC - aSIB 24.11.13 (1)

Intermediate level

Unit 4 - Business Correspondence Formal vs Informal writing styles


future forms

Upper-intermediate class level


An email to arrange a trip

A2/b1 (pre-intermediate) level

Composing an email using requests, to arrange a visit to Istanbul.


BC - aSIB 26.11.13 (1)

Intermediate level

Unit 4, Business Correspondence 1 Writing 1, Pgs 25 - 27
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