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Teaching Practice 2 - edited

Beginners level

In this lesson, students will practice vocabulary and writing on the topic of travelling. They will learn the use of 'to be' in plural, positive and negative. They will do a reading task, starting with prediction, gist reading and reading for specific information. This will be followed by writing task on the same topic.


practicing writing through sending and replying to invitations by e-mail

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about sending and replying to invitations by email.



Intermidiate level

In this lesson, Ss will mainly practice reading emails about them. They will think about how to cook food. Finally, they will look at language for recipes and even describe some recipes in class.


Real World: Beginner Listening Skills and Vocab Practice

Beginner level

In this lesson students will practice their listening skills while learning new vocabulary such as e-mail addresses and mobile numbers. The lesson will begin with a warmer review of nationalities and professions, and then segue into the introduction of email addresses. The students will do a listening exercise followed by a peer-check. The main exercise of the class will focus on listening and transcribing in order to check listening and comprehension skills. The students will first write dow...


Demo Business English

Intermediate level

In this lesson the ss will learn the introduction of e mails, and I will be eliciting from the ss the following, the purposes of emails, the contents of emails and styles of emails.


Mary muia Tp 1

Intermediate level

ın thıs lesson learners speak and practice email and website addresses in preparation for listening for gist and detail.The lesson starts with an introduction from the teacher by eliciting a response on what is an email and website address followed by listening to an audio then an exercise. in pairs students dictate to each other addresses they have heard and are expected to write right addresses and pronounce symbols of addresses. Students are then introduced to to listening for gist and li...


Writing and speaking practice

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, SS will practice writing skills in different contexts and levels of formality. Specifically, SS will learn and practice how to make formal complains, how to make formal work-related arrangements, how to congratulate and give instructions informally. At the beginning of the lesson, SS will brainstorm and discuss about the different ways we use written language to communicate with others (emails, letters, ..) and how we change our language according to the recipient of the mess...


Writing lesson

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, SS will learn how to write a formal letter and how it is distinguished from an informal letter in the context of writing an official complaint to a local government. SS will match paragraphs in a formal letter with summaries in a control practice. The SS will then compare a formal letter with an informal letter and point out their differences. The SS will do a task where they will find the formal versions of 5 sentences in the first letter. SS will rewrite an informal email to...


Name: Maliheh. 25 Mar 2016. TP2. Business cards and forms

Beginners level

This lesson will start by a brief revision of jobs and singular 'to be' at the very first minutes of the class. Subsequently, students will be able to read English business cards containing peoples names, jobs, phone numbers, addresses and emails while noticing the words in the cards whose initial letters need to appear in capital; this will be practiced by a couple of activities and games. The students will also fill in business forms that is specifically a hotel registration one in this ...


Advice, phrasal verbs

Intermediate , grade b1+ level

In this lesson, SS learn about phrasal verbs through guided discovery based on a listening text about using equipment by following the instructions. The lesson starts with watching a video giving instructions for making an Email account as a lead-in.This is followed by a discussion about problems they with instructions. Then SS develop their receptive skill by listening to a conversation between a man and a technician for the gist and then getting specific phrasal verbs. Then the SS discuss c...
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