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Cover Letter Email

Elementary level


Present Simple Tense

Elementary level

In this lesson, students learn to introduce and practice the present <b>simple</b>. The use of the present <b>simple</b> in this lesson will be restricted to “habits”. Students will discuss schedules and will write an email about their schedules.


Aaisha Saniya: WritingLesson Plan

Intermediate level


time lesson

Intermediate level

Students practise speaking in the context of time, firstly starting with a lead in exercise of how early or late students arrived for class, followed by a discussion about sayings about time. then a discussion about punctuality and in what contexts it is necessary ending with a written exercise, writing an email letting someone know that you are going to be late for an appointment


Sending and Replying to Invitations by E-mail

Intermediate level

In this lesson,students will practice their writing skill and will learn about how to send and how to preply to invitations. The lesson starts with a discussion on the types of invitations. This is followed by a reading activity when students read three e-mails and match the invitations with their corresponding replies. Finally they will think about an event to invite a classmate to, then write an email of invitation. Afterwards, each s will read his/her classmate's email and accept or refu t...




Going Home

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will go over the different terms used when booking for a hotel room and how to writing an email to a hotel for room reservation.


TP 8

Upper intermediate level



Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss will have written an email to apply for a job in the context of jobs and work.


Building Resilience Through Competition

B1 / b1+ / b2 level

In this lesson, students will learn about the meaning of a growth mindset, competition, and how to navigate challenges through resilience. They will write two emails dealing with competition.
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