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Assessed TP 7

Beginner level

In this lesson, students practise superlative adjectives through an email. The lesson starts with showing a picture of Istanbul and getting sts to talk about the things they could do and the places they could visit if they were a tourist in Istanbul. Then lead-in related vocabularies which will be in an email later on are presented sometimes through some pictures sometimes with CCQs.After a stick man called David which will be introduced as their friend is drawn on the WB, T. gets sts to ask ...


TP 5

Upper intermediate level


Teaching practice 7

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn to write an informal email


Arguing your case (for & against) writing

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson ss will read and brain storm about the pros and cons of emails and will write an essay about either texting or social networking (Facebook)



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practise their writing skills by writing an informal email to a family member/friend to tell them about the things they can't wait to do now the lockdown is coming to an end. At the beginning of the lesson, students will discuss in BOR how they communicated with their loved ones during the lockdown. Secondly, they will read a short text and complete a gist task. Subsequently, MFA will be covered, partially through a guided discovery task. This will be followed by...



Upper-intermediate level

To introduce and provide practice of writing a short email (50 words) inviting friends (in another country) to visit you



Pre-intermediate level


TP8 LP_Mailys Rouleau

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will practice writing a complaint email in the context of online shopping. They will be presented a model. They will realize 3 tasks based on the model regarding structure, appropriacy and useful language. After that, students will brainstorm together different ideas so they can start planning their writing. Finally, they will share their work with class and I will conduct OCFB.


Writing in the Context of Family and Friends

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will practice reading using activities based on the descriptions of family members and their interests. This lesson begins with reinforcing previous lessons of family and friends. This is followed by an email reading activity. This assignment elicits students’ ability to scan for details in the email and answer questions after a second thorough reading. Then, in a controlled practice activity, students will write their own email and have partners read them in order to...


TP7 - Speaking

A2 - elementary level

In this lesson, students will practice writing a short email to organise a night out with a friend.
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