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Writing an introductory email

Intermediate level





Writing a Cover Letter / Application Email

Intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about writing a cover letter or a formal email through the context of a job application email.


TP 7 Jesús Solano

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will practice writing an email, between 35 and 45 words


TP 8 -Writting Skill

Intermediate level

In this lesson the students will learn how to send an email complaining and apologizing for a service or product they've erceived. The lesson starts with my own exprience to set the context.



Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to practice writing an email to a friend or relative to talk about future plans. They will use the first conditional as a requirement and any other tense they know to express future plans. They will first analyze what vocabulary, phrases, and tenses they can recall about writing letters and talk about the future.



Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss practice their reading skills for a gist and specific information. They also learn how to write informal emails. The lesson starts with a discussion about the purposes of using emails. This is followed by a reading activity where Ss read an email and complete it using words in the box. Then,Ss read again the email to search for specific information to answer exercise 2. After that, Ss work in groups to invent a reply to the email in exercise 1. Finally,Ss compare their emai...


lP, TP4, Hadeel Fadl

Intermediate level

In this writing lesson, students will be reviewing the useful phrase to use in sending/ replying to invitations .This lesson starts with analysis task to focus on the formal and informal phrases for inviting and replying email. This is followed by two writing tasks in which the student will be practicing the target language.


TP 8 Skills Lesson- Writing

Beginner level

This lesson will start with a review of the previous lessons grammar subject subject. They will review <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> tense starting with the review of basic forms of irregular verbs and will go on with <b>past</b> forms of irregular verbs and they will be practicing making sentences in <b>past</b> tense. This lesson will follow with a reading activity in the context of an email from India then, they will be writing a similar email about one of their holiday to their friend. We wil...



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