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Teaching Prac 2

Beginner level

In this lesson it is aimed to teach and practice a new subject for the learners which is adjectives. Materials for this lesson consist of two exercies from the Face2face Starter Workbook, one teacher made dialogue and some pictures.



Elementary level

Prepare Ss to speak about activities in leisure time


TP 4 Technology Vocabulary Lesson

Intermediate b2 level

In this lesson, students will learn a large number of vocabulary words to prepare them for subsequent lessons on speaking and grammar.


compare and contrast two alternatives

Intermediate b1,b2 level

in this lesson, ss learn some lexis related to compare and contrast and thjey put them into practice by doing writing.the lesson starts with ashort leaad in then ss have a reading and start to find pros and cons of a hotel to prepare to write .ss start to answer questions related to highlighted words and they go through controlled pracice part by gap filling activity and at the end they will write an email about the hotel that they stayed.



A1 level

In this lesson, students learn the meaning, form and pronunciation of items of clothes and colours. This is followed by a controlled practice i.e. a matching exercise. Ss will also look at the use of "favorite" in questions and a semi-controlled speaking practice will be executed to prepare students for the final free speaking practice.


SpeakOut, Reading lesson

Intermediate level

In this lesson students enhance their vocabulary through speaking about an interview and reading a text about tips to help them do well at interviews. The lessons starts with two photos which students are supposed to discuss and guess what kind of interviews they are. This is followed by discussing about their own interview experiences and selecting the expressions about what should/shouldn't be done before and during an interview by working in pairs. finally the students discuss about what t...


Structures for giving advice

A2 level

This lesson is being prepared as a demo lesson to apply for Sinav College.


TP:8 Dreams & Reality

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be focusing on dreams, and what their dreams were as a child. The lesson will be introduced with a game for a warm up, followed by a listening task to prepare students awareness on the language focus, finishing off with a freer speaking practice


Valentines day

All level

Celebrate valentines day with games, drinks and snacks.


Speaking and grammar

A2-b1 pre-intermediate level

This is a speaking and grammar lesson, where the SS will practice grammar and speaking in the context of "What's your advice?". SS will have a lead in, where I will set the context for the target language, prepare to listen where they will speak about and listen the context, listen for gist, grammar practice,semi-controlled practice and a free speaking practice.
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