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Questions- Last Week

A1 level

In this lesson we will be discussing the Were you...? in <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> through guided discovery based on eliciting daily routines and using pictures to elicit questions. This is followed by listening for gist using a conversation. Then, clarification of the form by phonological feature and meaning will be shown. Finally, there is some error correction exercises will be done followed by free practice.


Wedding past-simple

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, the sts will learn about wedding and the things that evolve around this special occasion. We will cover some vocabulary that is related to a wedding, and mostly have speaking related discussions about this topic. Also, I will lead in with my wedding presentation to motivate the sts into the lesson. I will provide lots of questions to sts to speak and discuss in PW. Lastly, I will provide a text about a wedding, then ask them to discuss and speak about the traditions they h...


1st TP- Elementary Reading- Lourdes Lathulerie

Elementary level

In this lesson students will read two news stories. They will be able to practice their gist and detail readings and also have conversations about the stories.


Vocab unit 7.3

Beginner a1 level

in this lesson students will become familiar with a short list of new words and collocations around the theme of "films, books, and restaurants"





A-1 level

In this lesson students will listen to a conversation between two friends about a place they visited. Ss will practice and also try to use these question forms in the context of a place they visited through out a speaking practice.


TP 8 Ahmed Nouri

Elementary level

At the start of this lesson the students will listen to a conversation between two people talking about their cross Canada trip experience in the context of the holiday destination. The Ss will identify and tick some words and expressions they will hear. The Ss will practice using the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> : was/were, in the affirmative, negative and question forms through some exercises in the context of holiday to canada. The Ss will have the opportunity to practice their speakin...


Listening, what did you do on Saturday

A1 level

last Saturday


Teaching Practice 5

A1 level

In this lesson, students will be learning the grammar of how to ask and respond to 'where were you' questions in the <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> form in the context of a party. The Ss will then participate in numerous activities where they will practice their speaking productive skill.


talk about someone you know plan

A1-2 level

In this lesson students will learn how to talk about someone they know using present and <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> tenses . They will describe how did they know her\him, what was their occupation and what is their relationship with them
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