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Describing Your Home , Grammar

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will review the 'unfinished <b>past</b>' function of the present perfect tense through the use of time expressions "for and since". The SS extract the target language from reading text after they review , and learn about the meaning, form and pronunciation. They will also do a semi-controlled practice to consolidate the meaning and form of the target language.Finally , they do a free practice exercise to use the TL they have learnt.



Upper intermediate level

In this class the students will gather relevant vocabulary in the context of Turkish Cuisine, specifically the dessert 'Baklava.' They then have the opportunity to practice the TL in a speaking activity i designed myself, a <b>simple</b> board game that opens up descriptive conversation about Turkish and International cusine. They can personalise the topic with certain questions aimed at the food experience they have had in the <b>past</b>. This is a relevant subject and in the coming days at...


TP3/Grammar-Present Perfect Simple

A2 level

This will be a TTT (Test Teach Test) lesson. In this lesson, the students will be focusing on the present perfect for experience. The Lesson will start with a 'finding the infinitaves for the <b>past</b> participles' activity, followed by a mini 'Have you ever....? introduction. The stst will proceed with a controlled gap fill. Closure will be till be with a controlled and a semi controlled activity.


Telling the Time Lesson

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will learn about telling the time with eliciting. The class will begin with a warm-up then proceed with TTT shape. They will learn about the ''<b>past</b>, quarter and to'' then will do the various exercises.


keeping in touch page 120\ 121 new cutting edge elementary level

Elementary level

In this lesson Ss will focus on receptive skill of reading and sub aim is vocabulary . in this lesson Ss will learn about ways of communication . now and in the <b>past</b> how these ways help us to communicate with others. We are here in Egypt ,in Damitta we can send e-mails and other things immediately to some one in America .but all ways are useful all the time for all ages . I will start the lesson with <b>simple</b> task .some photos to ways of communication .ASK ss to put them in o...


Parents and teenagers

Pre-intermediate (a2/b1) level

In this lesson, Ss will be introduced to the present perfect to talk about the recent <b>past</b>. The context is parents and teenagers


Reading Lesson

Elementary level

This lesson sets context for the two following lessons. The reading text includes examples of the target language that will be used in the next stage. Students will be given a reading-focused lesson in the context of houseswapping.


Listening and grammar

Elementary level

In this lessons, student learn both listening and grammar. First of all look at the picture of listening part. Talk about them. play the audio for the first time. Ask <b>simple</b> question from that. Then, play it for second time. After that do the exercises. Next, write sentences from the listening part and teach grammar. clarify the time and grammar for the student . come back to the listening part. And do another exercises.


Work & Leisure - Grammar

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson Ss learn the present perfect, have been & have gone in the context of amusement parks and fun experiences. I'll set the context with an exciting video of a roller-coaster. Then we'll move into a reading to set the stage for the TL. Once Ss are familiar with the TL I'll begin presenting the grammar. First comes present <b>simple</b> (accompanied by an exercise), then have been/have gone (accompanied by an exercise). From there we'll have a game to get some words on the board so...
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