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Life now and then



teach test teach

Past and negated past level


writing lesson

A1 level

In this lesson ,Ss will tell the teacher about what they have learnt in the previous lesson as a kind of warmer and review and for the teacher to elicit what they learned about the text before working on the productive skill of writing.The teacher will present the genre of the text to the student,brainstorm their ideas,show a sample text and give them a text to reorder it correctly.correctly. Ss will write a draft then a final text .


Places- Past Simple Lesson

A1 level

In this Lesson the students will do a reading about places like Cairo and how people write about their travels. Firstly, they will be exposed to places and things. Then they will be asked to skim through the text to answer some questions. Then they will be asked to correct the order of the travels Mike and Anna did. This exposure will help them create their own travel log at the end.


Job Interview

Intermediate level

In this lesson, SS practice speaking in the context of job interviews. The lesson starts with a warmer that includes a visual and a short discussion to arouse interest and elicit the topic. This is followed by a dictionary game and a video recording of people doing the task. This gives the SS a clear model of what will be expected of them and exposes them to language related to the topic. In pairs they discuss the most common interview questions and answers, match their ideas with other pairs...


B. Can Gören TP6

Elementary, adults level

In this lesson, the teacher will introduce and review regular and irregular verbs in <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> tense.First, Students will learn the distinction between regular and irregular verbs in comparative exercises, then they will use them in a speaking activity.




ESP Comunicación

Intermediate level


TP-6: Functions

Elementary level


Questions- Last Week

A1 level

In this lesson we will be discussing the Were you...? in <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> through guided discovery based on eliciting daily routines and using pictures to elicit questions. This is followed by listening for gist using a conversation. Then, clarification of the form by phonological feature and meaning will be shown. Finally, there is some error correction exercises will be done followed by free practice.
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