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Past Perfect lesson

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn about the <b>Past</b> Perfect tense through Text-Based Guided Discovery based on a reading text about a trip to Paris. The lesson will start with a discussion about travelling. This will be followed with reading the text and answering different kinds of questions to elicit the language focus. Finally, there will be fully-controlled practice, semi-controlled practice and free production.


Changing lives- Grammar

Intermediate level


Speaking for Elementary December 12, 2019

A2 level

In this lesson, students will practice speaking for fluency in the context of memorable night. The lesson starts with a picture projected on the board. Then T tells a story about himself related to the picture. Students will then engage in some questions about their memorable nights and they will be asked to work in pairs. After that they will read two different texts in two groups and will be asked to answer the following questions. They will then change groups and ask each other. Finally th...


TP 7-Grammar

Advanced level

In this lesson, designed for advanced students, they will learn and practice new grammar structures related to present and <b>past</b> habits and routines in the context of two people talking about their eating habits. Given the level of the students, they are meant to have a guided-discovery kind of lesson, in which almost all answers and content will be elicited and then put into practice in both controlled and freer practice.


TP #8 | Listening Past & Present Simple

A1 (beginner/elementary) level

In this lesson, sts will review and learn about lexis, practice listening for detail, and practice speaking for accuracy in the context of having a pretend day off.



B1 level

This is a grammar lesson whose intention is to introduce and practice the <b>past</b> perfect <b>simple</b>


Grammar lesson

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to be introduced to grammar, specifically, to the difference between the <b>past</b> perfect <b>simple</b> and continuous through a text then some examples. After that, they are going to do some pronunciation practices focusing on irregular verb forms.


Grammar lesson

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students learn and practice the use of the present perfect <b>simple</b> (affirmative).


TP 4. Ahmed Nouri

Intermediate level

In this lesson,Ss learn about present perfect <b>simple</b> and present perfect continuous in the context of Relationships. The lesson starts with controlled practice through completing statements with words in the context of relationships.


Reported speech Wh questions in the simple present and past

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to learn and practice reported wh questions. First, students will be given some statements and asked to formulate questions based on each sentence. Then, they will be able to do a controlled practice task in order to get familiar with reported wh questions. The teacher will carry out clarification later, and finish with a freer task.
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