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Books and Movies, Present perfect

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson ss will learn about Present Perfect through a conversation in the context of books and movies. This lesson starts with some pictures. This follows with reviewing of <b>simple</b> <b>past</b>. We are going to have a discussion about the last movie or the last book that they saw. After that they will have the recognition of the new grammar by the means of conversation. Then we will have some controlled practices and Semi-controlled practices. Finally we will have Freer practice i...


past simple

A1 level



Grade 4 level




Elementary level

A big group of Elementary students (16 approx). Online class.


celta 2016 grammar straight forward 2

Intermediate b1 level

present perfect vs <b>past</b> <b>simple</b>


TP8 LP_Mailys Rouleau

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will practice writing a complaint email in the context of online shopping. They will be presented a model. They will realize 3 tasks based on the model regarding structure, appropriacy and useful language. After that, students will brainstorm together different ideas so they can start planning their writing. Finally, they will share their work with class and I will conduct OCFB.


Second Conditional

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about the second conditional clauses through guided discovery based on unreal life situations. The lesson starts with a lead in activity about unreal impossible to happen situations. This is followed by some controlled practice through sentence reformulation and free practice via writing and speaking activities.


A day in the life of a film character

Yle level

In this lesson, students will put themselves in the life of a film character and talk about what they did the day before (film character). It will be more of a Test-Teach-Test type of lesson where teacher will then 'Teach' regular & irregular verbs and questions using target language and then 'Test' students at the end and have freer practice where students will be at a cocktail party still as a film character and use target language to ask questions and to answer each other.


TP 5b

B2 level

In this lesson, students will practice using the present perfect and the present perfect continuous . they will learn how they are formed . When we use them and what is the difference between present perfect and the present perfect continuous . Students will be given many activities about both verbs . These activities include , scanning the previous reading text, arranging adverbs of time for present perfect and <b>simple</b> <b>past</b>, filling gaps with the correct form of these verb.



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