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Ons Kilani - A Night in a Haunted Hotel - There was/were

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will learn about the use of there was/were in affirmative, negative and interrogrative sentences when describing something or someone. Students will also practise their listening and speaking.


Questions- Last Week

A1 level

In this lesson we will be discussing the Were you...? in <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> through guided discovery based on eliciting daily routines and using pictures to elicit questions. This is followed by listening for gist using a conversation. Then, clarification of the form by phonological feature and meaning will be shown. Finally, there is some error correction exercises will be done followed by free practice.


Famous people

Elemententry level

In this lesson, students will be able to talk about people's lives.They will be say when people were born and died,when people did things and what people did in their lives.Students will also expand their vocabulary of nationalities,jobs and years.


Famous doctored photographs

Intermediate,b1 level

In this lesson, students learn about the passive voice through guided discovery based on a reading text about the photographs. The lesson commences with a handout and the three sentences which are pulled out from the text. They will answer some questions (Meaning, Form) and the pronunciation will be covered. Finally some controlled practice through sentence reformulation and hopefully free practice via final writing activity.


Functional Language (Weekends)

Elementary level

Ss will be looking at some examples of peoples weekends and talking about them. They will have to guess from the image who had a busy, a great, a quiet and a terrible weekend, followed by reading a text about the image to see if their guesses were correct. They will then have an exercise on matching words with the correct phrases followed by a short speaking in pairs using the phrases. Ss will then find the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> form of the words and the T will go through them with some p...


James Cook

Intermediate level


The Good and the Bad TP6

Elementary level

In this lesson, Ss will learn adverbs to use with the adjectives they learned in a previous lesson, in the context of competitions. The lesson begins with photos and a conversation about competitions. Then Ss do a quick reading for gist of a text about competitions, followed by reading for detail task. Then, Ss practice using adjectives and are introduced to the new lexis, adverbs, through photos and the reading text. Ss then do a controlled practice using the adverbs, which is followed by a ...


Do you know any jokes?

Elementary level

Students will review the <b>past</b> lessons of vocabulary using articles: "a, an, and the" Review: <b>Past</b> <b>Simple</b>: irregular verbs





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