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Gratitude lesson

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about writing short stories in the context of gratitude through a guided discovery based on watching videos. The lesson starts with a discussion about gratitude and happiness followed by a video about this subject. Then, They will watch another video of a story in the context of gratitude. After that, there will be a writing competition among the students. They will write short stories about gratitude. Finally, There will be evaluation for their stories and corr...


Active vs Passive

Intermediate level

In this lesson, SS will check passive voices in <b>SÄ°mple</b> Present tense, Present Continuous Tense, <b>Simple</b> <b>Past</b> Tense, <b>Past</b> Continuous Tense, Present Perfect Tense and future time "will".




Get Reacquainted with some one/The Present perfect

Intermediate./grade 1 level

In this session students will learn a conversation about how to introduce themselves.Actually there is a grammar part ,too.The grammar is present perfect .The lesson will start with a listening of the conversation.Then it will continue with practice on the conversation.The students try to memorize it.After that will start the grammar.The grammar will start with some examples about some events that happened in the past.The students should try to understand the difference between <b>past</b> <b...


Ons Kilani - A Night in a Haunted Hotel - There was/were

Elementary level

In this lesson, students will learn about the use of there was/were in affirmative, negative and interrogrative sentences when describing something or someone. Students will also practise their listening and speaking.


Famous people

Elemententry level

In this lesson, students will be able to talk about people's lives.They will be say when people were born and died,when people did things and what people did in their lives.Students will also expand their vocabulary of nationalities,jobs and years.


Famous doctored photographs

Intermediate,b1 level

In this lesson, students learn about the passive voice through guided discovery based on a reading text about the photographs. The lesson commences with a handout and the three sentences which are pulled out from the text. They will answer some questions (Meaning, Form) and the pronunciation will be covered. Finally some controlled practice through sentence reformulation and hopefully free practice via final writing activity.


James Cook

Intermediate level


Intermediate level


Irregular verbs .

Elementary level

-In this lesson , students will be introduced to the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> tense. more specifically the irregular form. The lesson will be focused on providing them with the meaning , form and pronounciation of some irregular verbs and providing some controlled and semi controlled practise .
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