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confirming an email

Elementary level

using the the appropriate words,students are supposed to write an email to a host and ask for confirming a reservation


Writing an email

Intermediate level


Business emails

Pre-intermediate and above level

In this lesson, learners will differentiate between formal and informal expressions used in emails and practice writing a formal email in a business context.


TP7 Writing

Upper intermediate level

A lesson focused on writing in the context of an email asking for a change of accommodation while studying abroad.



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students correct an email for grammatical and typographical mistakes and write a similar email to an imaginary friend.


TP7 - Writing - Formal and Informal emails

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will think about situations where we write formally and informally. After that, they will check some models and decide which one is formal and informal. They will analyze to clarify the features, practice the structures and, finally, write an email.



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, the Ss will learn how to write a short email (of approximately 40words) inviting a friend (in another country) to visit them and most importantly know the different parts of an email (formal and informal).


compare and contrast two alternatives

Intermediate b1,b2 level

in this lesson, ss learn some lexis related to compare and contrast and thjey put them into practice by doing writing.the lesson starts with ashort leaad in then ss have a reading and start to find pros and cons of a hotel to prepare to write .ss start to answer questions related to highlighted words and they go through controlled pracice part by gap filling activity and at the end they will write an email about the hotel that they stayed.



Upper intermediate level

In this lesson students practice writing a formal email for making arrangements. First, ss brainstorm different types of texts in which they write in a formal way. After that, they are exposed to a model which will help them identify the purpose/ intention behind it as well as typical features of the genre ( formal email for making arrangements). Once that has been covered, ss will work on the TL required for this production. We'll work on MFP, providing opportunities for clarifying language....


Writing an introductory email

Intermediate level

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